October 17, 2021


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Calgary police obtain SECRET warrant to use “any force necessary” to disrupt church service

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33 thoughts on “Calgary police obtain SECRET warrant to use “any force necessary” to disrupt church service

  1. That order reads that any person in the church can be arrested. This is the same tactic being used in China right now. But wait, Trudeau admires the Chinese Communist Dictatorship.

  2. Art will go down in history as one of the greatest Canadian folk heroes. Trudeau will go down in history of the greatest failure this country has ever known or ever will know.

  3. Acts and statutes do not apply to living men and women and their property. Is Artur and his property a corporation? Artur, maybe you should have a talk with Cal Washington instead of Ezra.

  4. Fascinating how they USE a woman to deliver the message and have the MEN there for her support/protection … if this was MAN TO MAN it would be a different scenario … SHE IS AN UTTER HAND PUPPET AND CANNOT SEE SHE IS BEING EXPLOITED BECAUSE OF HER SEX …. the male officers would NEVER stand there WHINING to be heard and then be verbally scolded for their ignorance … this is SO obvious….

  5. Legislation can't overrule constitiution rights and freedoms it s not lawful its subversion of constitution, treason. lawful rebellion is then possible Under Magna Carta 1215 and bill of rights 1688 which The canadian constitution is based

  6. Community has strength from there local churches why do you think they want shut down churches people talk & God forbid people wake up to this TYRANNY!!

  7. i would argue the warrant itself is illegal, and violates his right to relgious freedom, freedom of assembly and violaties law itself. Sounds like a good supreme court case.

  8. Why should it cost tens of thousands.? Can’t lawyers use deep discounted rates in cases of abuse of citizen rights. Or do they get to profit from other peoples fight for freedom. It’s not right.

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