October 17, 2021


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Can Caitlyn Jenner Save California from Gov. Newsom? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 765

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50 thoughts on “Can Caitlyn Jenner Save California from Gov. Newsom? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 765

  1. BLM are the useful idiots that still haven't realised yet the real hardcore communists are the ones in governement now.

    The same ones that used BLM and Antifa to bully and intimidate their way back into power by stealing the election and creating the appropriate civil unrest and riots to allow that to happen.

  2. California is also known as the Granola State
    What ain't fruits and nuts, is flakes!
    I got my family OUT OF THERE over 20 years ago
    Back then they were very anti business to just START the small business permitting process would have cost me $20,000
    Not including any actual filing fees for the actual costs for the message permits.. No, this was just the fees required for them to tell me exactly what permits and licenses I would need. Including a $5,000 " fee" for the California coastal Commission to tell me what " environmental impact studies that would be "Required" to complete the permitting process. ( they have jurisdiction twenty miles from the actual coast!)
    It has only gotten worse over the past 20 years no wonder hundreds of businesses are fleeing the state every month.

  3. Could care less what someone calls themselves or what’s between their legs, as long as they stand for the constitution I will support their candidacy.

    Funny to see so many people concerned about a name change and a lack of meat between the legs, all I care about is that the constitution is upheld and taxes are low

  4. Suddenly the transphobic conservatives are okay with transwomen if they’re diehard Republican idiots who fool their followers to vote against their own interests. Wonder what Caitlyn thinks about the anti-trans bills banning transwomen from sports.

  5. Wouldn’t it be appropriate that California – a state that had a Action Hero governator now do a popularity contest and put the former Olympian Bruce Jenner in office. What role with the other Kardasians play? Minister of accessories?

  6. You have to understand this – BLM/Antifa are literally and explicitly the "nihilists" long-planned to be "unleashed upon society", as specifically stated within the "45 Communist Goals" which were submitted to Congress in 1963. These groups were created by and are funded by the Left. Their entire purpose is to incite chaos, promote anarchy, atheism, and social destruction. To exhaust the people. Look it up, do your research, arm yourself with knowledge. Hold the line. It's all a playbook for them.

  7. We can say that the business suffered thats a no Brainerd. I think we need a person who not confused who wants the best for the people . Need one who has a sound mind. Voting for the man is jumping to one problem to another problem. First it dont reflect me.

  8. Wait, I love all people. Gay, straight, Lesbian, Transgender, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, rich, poor. I don't and will never discriminate against good people (BUT) I wasn't that long ago when Kaitlyn couldn't make up her mind wether to be a man or a woman. I'm sure the decision is everything but easy, but she bounced around alot 2nd guessing the choice and my point I guess is. If your having trouble making up your mind about your own life, how can you provide for all the Citizens of California's needs. Not saying Kaitlyn can't do it, just wondering how. California has alot of issues right now. High taxes, tons of Homeless people, bad infrastructure, shortage in jobs, Drug problems, crime problem etc….. it needs alot of work. Perhaps it will take someone from the outside to change it like Kaitlyn or then again, perhaps she'd be way in over her head 🤔…..

  9. The big scare is still bringing the woke to communists that control the assembly. They need more tenderizing. The criminality about the homeless funding scheme alone makes burning at the stake popular again

  10. I remember a certain reality TV star running for government,
    Everybody laughed, pointed and jeered at him… then he became President and did an awesome job.
    Personally, I think Jenner will surprise everybody, who'll find she's more conservative than we expected.
    I've learned through my life to trust someone who has had to fight within themselves and then outside themselves for acceptance and is very open about who they are than any suit and tie-wearing million dollar smile with hidden agendas. What they usually bring to the table is compassion and respect for different viewpoints.

    Or… you could just LAUGH AT, HATE and VILIFY her like you've been trained to.

  11. You're kidding…right!?!?!?
    From the frying pan into the kettle!!! What are we doing? Seeing how bad it can get!!! We have been under the leadership of a x-used car salesman…now to a transgender, x-tennis player, confused, immoral …and inexperienced person for governor!!!
    How STUPID are we!?!?!?

  12. these are the results of decades of horrible Democrat policy, I'm completely heartless to these people and their situation, we all know the problem…the dissolution of the Black Family, and uninformed monolith voting

  13. I've had some time for a bit of self-reflection, and I've come to this conclusion…it's the Guilty Caucasian (Liberals) (Progressives) that are the source of most of the problems with society, and that stems from the Bigotry of low expectations that the Left employs against people and communities of Color

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