May 8, 2021


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Can The Government and the Central Banks Shut Down Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals

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Can The Government and the Central Banks Shut Down Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals Gold & Alternative Investments Australia Conf – Oct 23-26, 2019: …


31 thoughts on “Can The Government and the Central Banks Shut Down Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals

  1. Hi Jeff, South Africa is probably going to be awarded Junk Status in February 2020. It will have a huge impact on the country and continent. It will be a miracle if it doesn't happen.

  2. The United States can continually print new money to buy Bitcoin. Since new money is a treasury bond and a loan as soon as they own the Bitcoin and destroy the key they can destroy the debt and erase the treasury bond that was issued to buy it without creating inflation. Trust me they can do something.

  3. I was there last year and it was very interesting -from the subjects and the people from all over the world. I am trying to offer a workshop for health & wellbeing that is about changing your own environment in your home or business using the Chinese principles of Feng Shui but no one has come back to me on this yet. All the multi billionaires talk about the importance of their environment growing up or where they work and live but very few people are offering a direction on how to change their own spaces for the better whether its wealth or health. Chinese used the system for centuries and its not just about space it is also about timing.

  4. they can control gold until they have accumulated as much as possible. when the markets collapse, as they are starting to, only gold will be left standing… cryptos are still very speculative…

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  6. Crypto is garbage idea. But ofcourse it is their wetdream to keep up the ignorance of real value. So yes they will go after the comp in bitcoin prior to the new govt coin. Not a sound currency DV. Gold & silver per Constitution. ALL govts are in deficit spending, why would you listen to failed businessmen? Just because corporate debt is insane, not my problem. I say no when ppl try and give me loans. Apple worth a trillion? What a joke. Netflix a good stock? No, they are leveraged in such a way that they can never actually get to profit again. Just like an airline. And when you reach for my $hit because your corporate nonsense cant pay out, you will get a _______.

  7. ripple with XRP is going to solve this liquidity crisis. I m shocked people in crypto haven't figured this out yet. buying XRP now is like buying bitcoin in 2011.

  8. Just look at a chart of Deutsche Bank, over any time frame, 1 yr, 5 yrs, 10 yrs, it's ugly! It's close to all time lows atm. If NFP's on Friday throw a curveball the markets could start their long awaited decline…

  9. Natural herbs are way, way more powerful than most people will ever know – my wife studied the subject in detail and it is quite amazing what can be achieved if you have taken the time to develop the knowledge. People knock it because they don't understand it but it really does work!

  10. This is how I see it, "rehypothication" is fraud, and needs to be treated as such.
    Let's face it you or I cannot sell (or collateralize) our home, car, boat or bar of gold many times over without being accused of committing fraud.
    Why are banks allowed to do this with impunity?
    Each instance of this fraud needs to be prosecuted as the crime it really is,
    and if applicable using the RICO laws, which means the fine is 3 times the value of the underlying asset.
    If the Comex has rehypothecated 10,000 contracts for the same volume of gold, then the fine would be 30,000 times the value of the gold.
    If a bank rehypothecates a treasury bond, then the fine is 3X the value of the bond, etc.
    Also, using the same logic applied to a dealer of street drugs, their personal assets can be considered the "proceeds of criminal activity" and seized.
    The hard part will be to find a prosecutor willing to do his / her job and actually convict these fraudsters.
    Once they see their assets (personal too) being seized, perhaps we will see a change of attitude.
    Until then same old, same old.
    Perhaps the introduction of blockchain technology will prevent this from happening in the future,
    one can only hope.

  11. Govt monitor ISP through anti terror legislation, public crytpo ledgers and MAC addresses.
    Unless you have an air gapped computer, physically transfering crypto, it's dead.

  12. I think they could easily. They can make cryptos and precious metals as illegal for transactions. They can shut down most of the miners or block the "stakers". Exchanges could be illegal. If the exchanges were closed I think prices would tank.
    Liberty Reserve currency
    "After a multi-year investigation by officials in 17 countries, a sealed indictment was issued by the U.S. government in May 2013.[…] The charges were leveled using a provision of the Patriot Act, since Liberty Reserve was not an American company.[2] The accused could face up to 30 years in prison.[2]"

    The cryptos get too much publicity to be antithetical to the plans of the elite. I don't think they will get shut down.

  13. I'd go, but I can't afford the tickets, or the travel. Also, I'm not allowed outside of Canada because they won't issue me a passport, because my ex claims I owe her currency. I have colleagues who go. I don't drink, but otherwise it sounds right up my alley.

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