April 20, 2021


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Canada is running out of COVID vaccines — where is Justin Trudeau?

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34 thoughts on “Canada is running out of COVID vaccines — where is Justin Trudeau?

  1. they are going to destroy small business first, then food shortages will come, then interest rates will go skyrocket and maybe then when we all become homeless and hopeless will offer us full scope of vaccines.

  2. Really? Expanding their facility in the middle of a Pandemic?? Come on readers and Rebel viewers, does this make sense in the light of a need for vaccine of such a DEADLY VIRUS? Of course not, this is not a deadly virus, their is no emergency or even urgency. It's about money and control. Or is this the only reason? See my other comment.

  3. Delayed because of numbers? The same vaccine that is making billions of dollars for a chosen set of elites? Really? OR, a delay because they are getting concerned over the number of deaths occurring over this very limited tested vaccine. Remember, I am just suggesting a reason why Justine Castro Jr. was so sure he had 20 million doses and has seemed to have lied. Did he lie? Well, we will never know since we'll NEVER BE TOLD how many vaccine deaths have occurred!!!

  4. Vaccines have murdered many in Norway, where is the outrage in the media about this. Oh right they are not paid to tell both sides of the story. Propaganda, propaganda, lies, lies and more lies. The only pandemic we are facing is the media. Defund all government paid for media.

  5. only ones really need this fake vaccine is the elderly why worry bout it no one wants their phony vaccine, who gives a crap, no one even knows whats in the crap and yet all the sheeple lining up for it like fools, lets throw an experiment in our bodies like blind sheep wake up. this whole thing is fake. who knows what side effects of this vaccine will be NO ONE. I WNT TAKE IT.

  6. Outstanding report! Now let’s see if Otoole will get off his knees, and hold Trudeau accountable! Lol I know what a joke he’s to busy getting rid of real Conservatives for Trudeau!

  7. this "pandemic" reveled the sad state of self-proclaimed superior health care system that can not manage a fraction of US cases, can not ensure a bare minimum of vaccines for old people. just wait and see the disaster when a real pandemic with death rates of 20%+ hits canada sooner or later…

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