May 14, 2021


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Canada's mask mandate changes (again): Paper towels can stop the virus!

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27 thoughts on “Canada's mask mandate changes (again): Paper towels can stop the virus!

  1. this is like an SNL skit or sometihng. Their recommendations get so ridiculous and convoluted the easiest thing to do is just ignore it all and live your life like you did before. Free.

  2. Considering medical mask filter 3.0 Micron particles, N95 masks only filter 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 Microns, and a virus is 0.1 Microns…which if you can do math, none can filter a virus – I'm super sure paper towel and cotton gitch material will work perfect!!

  3. Remember when it was simple? Don't rub your eyes, or touch your nose. Its your hands the carry the virus's around.
    Now you take this mask thing, touch it, put it one your nose. Virus successfully moved from hands to nose.

  4. Also,,,,how many of these so called covid cases are simply seasonal flu. I have read that flu shots make the person always test positive for Covid. Wouldn’t the flu the flu do the same?

  5. Geez whiz, they're flipping these rules and ideas around like pancakes. But instead of the Golden Griddle, we can now go to the Golden Mask. I won't skip breakfast through; instead I'll have my morning coffee with a good plan of common sense. Just don't wear the damn thing. It's a show folks. Get out your snacks, breathe and enjoy.

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