September 25, 2021


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Canadian postmodernism and bad green policies | The Gunn Show

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50 thoughts on “Canadian postmodernism and bad green policies | The Gunn Show

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  2. If you haven't noticed there isn't a city council in this entire country that isn't stacked with leftist Marxist woke folk. These are the people that seem attracted to municipal politics. It is time for the people to scrutinize who they're putting in these offices and make sure they are accountable and not people who are agenda-based.

  3. readers may miss my reply to Sasha about the 16 things I listed that Trump did well. Here they are:

    – the peace accord he negotiated recently in the Middle East with Israel and a couple of their neighbours

    – the partial reconciliation with North Korea and the lessening tension in the peninsula

    – bringing many troops home from foreign military engagements and starting no new foreign wars

    – leading the western democracies to cut Huawei out of the 5 G Networks that China was trying to make us dependent on (from which they would undoubtedly spy on us, as they did with Nortel)

    – pushing other western powers to start to pull their weight in defense matters and not leave the American taxpayer on the hook for most of the defense of the west

    – shutting down flights and other mechanisms of entry of COVID entry into the US well before Trudeau did in Canada

    – starting to bring critical businesses back from China

    – leading the nation to become the largest exporter of oil and now self sufficient in natural gas and other fossil fuel sources

    – showing that someone other than the elite families (Kennedys, Bushes, Clintons) can win presidential elections

    – bringing social media to account for extreme censorship

    – pull the US out of the Paris Agreement which would have costed a fortune, reduced the reliability of the energy grid and yet have virtually no positive impact on the environment (since China, by far the largest emitter has no limits, which the US would)

    – progressive prison reform

    – some positive movement on gun control

    – He has gifted his entire presidential paycheck to various places since assuming office, including the National Park Service, the U.S. Education Department, the Transportation Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    – Trump sent $100,000 to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, which he did in memory of his older brother, Fred.
    – finally, the one I am most thankful for – his strong support of the space program, in particular manned missions to the Moon (a planned 2024 Moon base with the first women on the Moon) and Mars

    If I scratched my head a bit, I could think of more, I expect, but these ones quickly came to mind.

    Tom Harris

  4. The CBC only allows posts that don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. As far as the green thing goes those people have no idea. Germany got rid of all their nuclear power plants and went green and they are now building coal fired power plants to have a stable power supply. This was done at enormous cost and nuclear is considered the best way to produce power.

  5. Absolutely defund that Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. If they want to compete with the private broadcasters then let them find their own funds in the private sector.

  6. Final comment : Geothermal heat pumps are all under ground and cause no harm to anything also last for decades and cause no harm to anything easy to build and work all the time. So why are we creating a problem with solar and wind when we have better solutions ?

  7. The cleanest source of Electricity is from Hydro dams ! Easy to build last for a hundred years , use common materials any river can be used . Low maintenance costs / operation costs , 100% recyclable Can be built in CANADA employing Canadians cost effective . And works 100% of the time day and night . By passes for fish to migrate back to spawning grounds so 0 deaths to wild life or minimal deaths . And we have many all ready in need of repair to be 100% usable

  8. If you had to voluntary pay for the CBC to watch they would be out of business in a week , but then Trudumb couldn't spread lie and control what you watch , Bill c36 will destroy freedom of speech . Americans would never stand for any of this crap . I am disgusted with how easy it is to brain wash Canadians into destroying all our fathers fought for FREEDOM. all to let a Drama teacher destroy it


  10. Thank you, thank you, Shelia for allowing this portion of your pay wall discussions to be outside the pay wall for us to see. I am on a shoestring budget and this helps me a lot thank you again.

  11. You’re completely ignoring TESLA’s scientifically proven products. Solar roofs, storage through mega packs, and vehicles containing the 4680 batteries with THERMAL MANAGEMENT systems. There’s zero cobalt in TESLAs 4680s. Stop spreading FUD and do your research. I agree that governments are choosing the wrong products, but you sound stupid when you lump TESLA into the mix.

  12. The problem today is that as the great Daniel Boorstin observed, the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge… he was referring to how people cease to look for further information if they are arrogant enough to believe that have all they need, so true of what's going on around the world today.

  13. The elites who run the Sabbatean-Frankist cult of the UN, are conning the world into abandoning fossil fuels in favor of electrification, to build the infrastructure for the world wide AI electric "smart" grid which will charge and power all "smart" digital electric devices and systems on the planet including Elon Musk's "smart" digital driverless electric cars, trucks, and planes, allowing the beast that is the "World Wide Web" with artificial intelligence, namely "AI mind cloud" acting as it's "brain" so to speak, to control it all wirelessly through the 5G network and the 11,943 AI controlled satellites of Elon Musk's SpaceX "Starlink" constellation. It's got nothing whatsoever to do with reducing the emission of CO2 and global warming; that's just a red herring; a smoke screen.

    ..Name of the beast: WWW (World Wide Web)
    Number of the beast: 6 6 6

  14. So picture this. An ev battery is roughly 1500lbs. Now times that by millions of new ev on the road. This doesn't even take into account batteries for semi trucks which are WAY bigger. Scooters, boats, planes and every other "green" mode of transportation. And keep in mind these all these batteries will need to be replaced within 5 yrs. Think. Can you say environmental disaster?

  15. Canada needs to see what date its constitution started as i believe it is a 2013 corporate constitution that means your debt is a corporate debt not a national debt. Enjoy ?

  16. You people are spending a lot of time over-thinking what's going on, which I believe is what they want you to do. It's like watching hamsters running around on the hamster wheel…your working hard, and going NOWHERE. Western civilization is being deconstructed by anti-Christian, anti-capitalist Marxist/communists empowered by the global elite for the purpose of transitioning us to a new world order, a great reset. Your nation, it's institutions, your sovereignty, and government have been usurped by the globalists and they are destroying you. It's not about the climate or windmills, it's about destroying capitalism and your way of life.

  17. this makes me think of the old Wayne and Schuster skit about the Bionic Horse! where each part of the horse came from different parts of Canada and when they got to the hindend of the Bionic horse they said, " we have lots of these in Ottawa!!!

  18. canada was asleep for a long time and not paying attention to who was minding the store , but the GOOD folks in canada have been through a rude awakening now and not willing to put up with the likes of trudeau , kenney and ford overeaching

  19. Alot of the solar panels won't last long past their warranty. Some they took desert designs and put them in crop fields. I was a temp for evergreen and the bases where washing away from snow thawing before we finished them. But it was gov't approved!

    Windmills and solar fields are a waste of money. All those company grants and reimbursements should of went to the home owner taking their house off the grid or only use parts of the house on the grid. It would of help home owner save money on power, the tax payer money for funding this, and help businesses operate with lower hydro costs, while saving prime land that could be used for something else.

    The gov't is so bad at what they do and need to go back to basics and leave the rest up to the citizen

  20. What a crap story
    I dont know why u don't care about clean air .
    Lol that's literally the stupidest thing I've heard u say .
    U say coal is good ? Coal kills miners lol and pollution and blasting destroys habitats just like oil

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