May 13, 2021


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Canadian quarantine hotel owned by Chinese Communist Party company

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39 thoughts on “Canadian quarantine hotel owned by Chinese Communist Party company

  1. Rebel News IS THE FREAKING NEWS…..-So to ALL OF YOU OTHER MSM’s, GO-RUN ONHOME TO YOUR MOMMYS- CAUSE REBEL NEWS HAS GOT THIS….. You guys are awesomely, awesome 🙂🇨🇦

  2. Trudeau is a traitor. He is a spineless politician that can't think for himself. He has never worked a day in his life to add more insult to us hard working citizens.

  3. Justin Trudeau should be ashamed of himself for treating his fellow citizens like that by putting them in quarantine facilities after returning from trips. Maybe he should had gone there himself if he went on a trip during Christmas time.

  4. Radisson is also one of the hotels in the SF bay area now housing elderly and individuals who are at risk of catching CV19 who are homeless. It is part of Gov. Newsom's Project Room Key program.

  5. This is the same thing that happens in Hong Kong. As a crew member, we are tested before departure again on arrival, marched to your hotel room, key taken away and you stay till flight departure next day.
    We NEED vaccines NOW!!!!

  6. We the people, should pressure the Governments in Canada, to start confiscating these Chinese properties in Lew of the cost that CHINA has created to our economy and all it's citizens!… Just look at the cost to all of our businesses, that are forced to shut down, close up and go bankrupt, which is all caused by CHINA and their puppet TRUDEAU!!!

  7. The madman has spoken again. The little dictator lying through his teeth every time he opens his mouth. How much longer are ordinary Canadians going to put up with this charlatan, China doll, NWO shill?!!

  8. Crime Minister Trudeau is truant, treacherous, and treasonous, an all-in, full-blown globalist. Ten years ago, he supported a campaign for establishing a World Parliament, which would have the power to impose laws on Canada. Openly, he's now saying that he'll use the Covid planned scamdemic to push for the egregiously aggressive globalist goals that his government has so far been unable to achieve. Canadians did not vote for this. It's altogether antidemocratic. And yes, he is communist "China's Little Helper." Bank of China and Air China took Trudeau's pandemic wage subsidy at Canadian taxpayers' expense.

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