18 thoughts on “Capital Controls: A Wealth Confiscation Template When Banks Fail (Live Stream)”
  1. Trumptards would accept the same capital controls (if wrapped in MAGA propaganda) that they’d have a seizure over if coming from Clinton, Obama, or anyone’s else w/a (D) next to their new name.
    We need to stop 🛑 cheering on our favorite criminal gangs (aka political parties) there are no parties who give a damn about the people. ALL are lackeys for the banks DESPITE their rhetoric to the contrary, their actions are what counts! (Like Appointing Rothschild Inc Bankruptcy expert Wilbur Ross & Soros+Goldman Sachs minion Steve Munchkin, and assorted neo-con retreads to high level cabinet positions & other posts)

  2. Rumour has it that they have been working on digital currency for years before Bitcoin,they the same Central Bankers are not going away just changing their system for all financial systems on a block chain,I think China is the test case.The question is will the world accept it,as the system cannot be trusted.This is probably why they keep printing money to infinity until they are ready

  3. They make their demands for free stuff. They are commys now. So happy at the beginning brutal slavery in the end. They beg to be enslaved. The big wheels wanted this. You seem to think this nonsense is good. Free stuff grows government.

  4. Its actually more than that, as above so below, so what they are endeavouring to do is spiritual servitude, the capital control is no more than the physical externalization of an attempt for total spiritual control.
    So, the battle is internal “within us” to recognize who we are, then they will have no control over our external circumstance.

    Implementing knowledge, I see and feel is done internally, all answers are internal, external seems to me to be a distraction more than anything else. Meditation using the sacred vibration AUM (as in vocalizing it) seems to work, coupled with breathing.

    When we understand that on the quantum level everything is a vibration, all things we think that are solid are in fact not at all, just neutrons, electrons, quarks etc in vibration…means everything is alive. using the vibration AUM (using your voice) in meditation unifies all frequencies, and unifies us with the all, or should I say brings into consciousness that unification as we are already unified, we just need to recognize that unity.

  5. PATRICK,…check out HR2558,…in the past this bill past the House of Representatives, (previous Republican house, but didn't get called up in the Democratic Senate). With a new REPUBLICAN HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, after the 2020 elections ,this bill will be reintroduced, ….when the FEDERAL RESERVE can not fulfill the Congress Mandate,…the Congress will move to audit the FEDERAL RESERVE,….where it will be discovered that the FEDERAL RESERVE,…has not been operating within their orginal mandate,…the Congress will Nationalize the FEDERAL RESERVE, seizing all assets of the FEDERAL RESERVE and the recipients of the QE money , (central banks and big banks) putting them under the TREASURY DEPARTMENT,…and the Congress will fulfill its mandate of Article One Section Eight and Ten of the US Constitution. Also I believe that the Congress will void all debt obligations created with FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, public and private. Check it out,…what do you think????

  6. There is a very big issue that does not seem to get attention from the stacking community. I constantly see Youtubers making do's and don'ts videos on stacking and you will almost always hear even the supposed hardcore stacker say do not stack precious metals if you have debt! That to me is absolutely absurd. Having precious metals amongst other hard tangible assets most certainly maybe the only way to get out from under debt. Especially with 30 year mortgages, school loan debts, personal debts and adjustable rates. With these coming changes in the economic stability of the US and surrounding countries how could one really expect to get from under a debtor nations thumb without having something of real value as leverage? So I am puzzled as to why stackers keep advising not to stack and die in debt in the coming future? If you must liquidate early then so what, it clearly would be because of an emergency which is a reason to liquidate if any. I would really like to see a video regarding your view on this because new stackers see these vids and may say "wow, I have debt I have to put off stacking for a few years or maybe one day in the future" which only serves to undermine the precious metals community.

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