February 25, 2021


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Captain Cover-Up | What Happened In Vegas Ep. 9

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45 thoughts on “Captain Cover-Up | What Happened In Vegas Ep. 9

  1. And not a word about the royal Saudi Family being there at the same time frame with several Saudi pilots training in their new fighter attack helicopters? Really? Very strange indeed. Go read the newspapers in english in Saudi Arabia during this timeline, yeah. And why is this not exposed by now? Our government officials are corrupt and must be held accountable or held for treason!

  2. Wtf.. This m.f. Think they can mind control or brain control this never happened..We all know what the criminal government CIA FBI.. whatever the Secret Service are doing…

  3. If a police officer shot (killed) Paddock wrongly … would the case be tranferred to her/that department?

    Force? … LE haven't admitted to even firing a weapon; on a LIVE person.

    60 Dead and over 900 injured and not one police officer involved shooting released to the media.

    But, there was ONE possible over the radio … elderly asian woman down. Do we know who that was?

    Unidentified FBI person shot maybe?

  4. 3 cell phones, and multiple laptops recovered in Paddocks room. But LVMPD want you to believe there was nothing found on them to identify who Paddock was working with, and no motive. OH and lets not forget that Paddocks home was broke into after the shooting and they're somehow in the know of what items were in the house and nothing was taken. They have literally blown smoke up everyone's ass this entire year, lied and fought to not release records that were court ordered to be made public, and the ones that have been released are edited, no sound, no time stamps or completely useless. Never in the history of cover ups has any department looked so guilty in my eyes, and so utterly incompetent with an investigation of this magnitude. I can not believe Sheriff Lombardo was reelected after this, makes you wonder how that election was robbed from the people as well.

  5. Is there any truth to the idea of Paddock being an FBI agent doing an undercover gun deal with an ISIS cell that was to happen the next day? This theory fits well with the whole story of events. The problem with this is, there's an obvious lie standing here somewhere. Maybe it's not with Metro. It's conceivable that the FBI would tell the dept to keep silent because this is a national security threat or something so they can figure out a way to get out of something they are responsible for. This could explain the number of weapons, the multiple shooters scenario's, the video monitor cameras and the missing security footage from the casinos.

  6. George. Soros had placed a put option on his stock in MGM before this staged event – he was betting against the value of the stock. He made 73 million dollars when MGM stock went down.

  7. Hey look! Everything the anti-2nd amendment government agencies want to ban in ONE CRIME SCENE!!!!
    Anyone that thinks this "Oswald patsy" is the ONLY person involved in this shooting is a fool.
    Anyone else wonder why the "media" went silent about this shooting all at the same time??????????????????????
    Food for thought!!!!

  8. Agenda21truth4 minutes agoI purchased a copy thinking I would get more insight into the Las Vegas
    Shooting. Don't be fooled. Only the last 10 minutes are focused on the
    Las Vegas Shooting. Although a very good documentary on the corruption
    of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department/Sheriffs Office you'll only
    get the parroting of the LVMPD/FBI/MSM narrative that Steven Paddock was
    the lone gunmen. This documentary does show how Policing the Police as
    We The People will expose their lawless behavior and how money corrupts
    absolutely. There are many independent journalists and investigators
    like Laura Loomer exposing the lie of the lone gunmen theory. Check out
    Abel Danger to find out how Steven Poddock was recruited by his handler
    Kristine Marcy and suicided by the same.

  9. You all want to know who killed Steven Paddock? And all those victims? The answer?….Harvey Weinstein……soon after the shooting Harvey Weinstein killed everything on the news because he allegedly grabbed a woman's ass in 1978 and covered this guy for weeks on end and then the spin off stories ensued. All coming from an industry that was created from sex, drugs, control, manipulation, lies, inequality, extortion, murder, theft and much much more. Soon after the shootings in Las Vegas I had to hear Hollywood whine and complain to me about morals ironically through the goofy news….go figure

  10. Most Americans not sound alseep know that the Los Vegas shooting suspect, Paddock was not the gunman. He was nothing more than a puppet and a supplier for the firearms delivered and he was promptly shot in the mouth by someone else and left for dead to cover their tracks and to confuse law enforcement. Here's what we think transpired.According to John E Hoover's Youtube Channel. The Vegas massacre was a two prong Saudi Military Operation. The Royal Saudi Air Force had been invited to Nellis Air Force Base for Exercise Red Flag. There was a Saudi Prince next in line to the throne, Prince Mohammed bin Salman. That prince was at the Four Seasons Hotel and the Saudi Air Force was going to assassinate him using the shooting venue to make it look like another Lone Wolf Nut shooter and to flush the Saudi Prince out of the hotel to shoot his helicopter down once airborne. They used Saudi Air Force helicopters with their transponders off circling around the music venue shooting at concert goers with gunfire and made a concerted effort to shoot the fuel storage tanks with incendiary ammunition to explode them into a ball of fire to cause maximum chaos and death, but failed. According to radar tracking, a 7 flight formation of Maverick tour helicopters were used to evac the Prince and his detail to confuse the Saudi commandos. 5 weeks later, the newly chosen Prince to be king did a counter Coup against the rouge Saudi's involved in his attempted assassination. Two saudi princes were killed and the rest were arrested and are being held.

  11. The worst mass shooting was Wounded Knee. 277 men, women, and children were murdered by the U.S. Army. Mountain Meadow in Utah massacre of Mormon 145 men, women, and children by a rival Mormon group.

  12. I fukn give up…the public is to blame. When a cop leaves the force due to a civil case that cost the tax paying public to settle his case then returns years later to the same PD and rises up thru the ranks like he is special…Wtf is the matter with the public??!?!

  13. We have been trying to find out where the glass would have fallen? We want to see how the glass would have fallen at the very beginning. The reason for this is to see how quickly the police should have known there was a shooter in the hotel yet it took 72 minutes

  14. "Well one thing we have leaned is one can spend 30 years of their life milking the Vegas Casinos playing Slots. In fact they will comp your rooms and other expenses." cough cough.

    The fact they can float utter nonsense like the foregoing and few question it tells me the public is as dumb as a box of rusty nails.

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