May 13, 2021


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Casual Livestream #1

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47 thoughts on “Casual Livestream #1

  1. Hi Naomi I typed your name in the youtube search, and a lot of videos came up. Not your channel though!!! And not a single video of yours! Just a lot of videos that oppose you. Maybe consider to type your full name in every video title, to fight the shadow banning/ algorithm💪

  2. Hey Naomi, also erstmal riesen Respekt für den Livestream+q&a. So, gib nichts drauf ob irgendwelche xxx dich nach deinem Privatleben ausfragen. (Obwohl Ananas Pizza naja… 🤔👎🏻 ) bleib so wie du bist, Abo ist aktiviert und schönen Gruß aus'm Ruhrpott (Essen)

  3. non-aggression principle as espoused by "vegan libertarians" is a totally stolen concept. We should embrace the Non-Initiation of Force Principle, as formulated by Ayn Rand.

  4. Statefree world received a minisimulation in Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, and they have already ended up with one shot to death, one in critical condition.

  5. Bewundernswert wie du deine Meinung sagst in der heutigen Zeit. Umso mehr wenn man sich vor Augen hält das du in Deutschland lebst. Als gebürtiger Deutscher der in den Niederlanden aufgewachsen ist bewundere ich auch dein Englisch. Paß auf dich auf Mädel denn die Frage ist nicht ob "sie" hinter dir her kommen sondern wann..

  6. Go and do some research about "Nitric Oxcide". And read the press release of the Nobel Prize organisation… And you will learn, the whole lockdown and economy destruction was completely useless and didn't have any effect at all.
    Masks are NOT necessary!

  7. yea our dear co2 religion i think that co2 with is about 1 part of over 2000 part of air by mass can not have any effect of warming or cooling the only effect i know is co2 make the planet greener and is essential for all life on earth

  8. Libertarianism, or libertarianism, is a political philosophy and movement that upholds liberty as a core principle. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association and individual judgment

  9. It's wonderful to hear your views, thank you for sharing. One thing I can't help thinking is that how hard to believe it is that a Monty Python bit from the movie, "The Life of Brian," is now public policy throughout much of the Western World… The "Call me Loretta" bit… Thank you again for your livestream, it was very informative and interesting.

  10. A bit off topic but if you really want to improve your English, I highly recommend these youtube channels:
    – English Like a Native
    – English With Lucy

    Also, I would recommend the mobile apo HiNative. You can ask any linguistic questions to real native speakers.

  11. Naomi, I love you! You are so innocent that you suggest that people watch a Molyneux video about Marx – do you not realise that to even NAME such a person is to "admit" you are a "fascist Nazi"? That is the reality of our era – that such intelligent people as Molyneux (and don't worry, I am repelled by some of the stuff he says) are viewed as "far-right fascists". It's insanity. But yet, you soldier on – all power to you!

  12. Ach weh! "Why don't you just learn English?" Naomi, please don't forget you are a person of extremely high intelligence! As a person who has struggled to learn your native language of Deutsch, please accept my perspective that it is extremely hard and time-consuming to learn a foreign language to the level that you can speak English. Have some heart – and patience – for us mere mortals!

  13. Wonderful Naomi! I was beginning to worry about you as setting yourself up as the next (diametrically opposed) Greta with your "I want you to…" (ie. "Ich will, dass Du….." I mean, 'ich" – wirklich?), but here with your wonderful openness and innocence and your poignant distrust of Mensa and all the Elitist crap, I have found renewed trust in your cause. Please, let's have more of these open, non-preplanned livestreams. Full respect to you,, Naomi!

  14. Naomi, great Livestream. Congrats. Have you considered Hillsdale college in Michigan? They have civil discussions and they won't force feed you left wing BS. Mach's gut.

  15. Love the crazy greenies, save the world , lets chop down all the trees we can to print out magazines to promote it with people who don't believe we are serious about it.

  16. Das wäre toll wenn du die Chance bekämst mit Greta zu diskutieren, die Frage die sich mir stellt ist, ob Greta überhaupt noch in der Lage wäre mit dir zu diskutieren, weil sie seit Jahren von Bücklingen und Ja-Sagern umgeben ist?

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