May 14, 2021


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CBC and the fake “overwhelming” Steinbach emergency room report

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48 thoughts on “CBC and the fake “overwhelming” Steinbach emergency room report

  1. So where are the police to charge the person responsible for this fake news (CBC) or are they selecting only the public news reporters, as per their leader Trudeau, has ordered them to do!!!

  2. What stuck me was how warm and friendly little miss piggy was. She is never that way with anyone conservative. You can always hear the disdain, in her jowly big jowls, for someone who differs politically from the love of her life jt Pretty obvious he’s turned his political affiliation to the dark side

  3. The reason why this has gone on for this long is because The People have let this go on . The Truth is quite simple the longer they have these lockdowns the longer it will take to get normal , there is no such thing as new normal , humans were not meant to be caged up at home . In the end everyone will get this virus like or not ,even the healthy will get it , your body is not always 100% healthy and that's when it will strike. So the governments plan is to keep it going as long as they can to control the population. All you have to do is watch the movie V for Vendetta to see a clearer picture of how this is being played out , not exactly accurate but close enough .

  4. CBC said to me that 10.2 times the legal level is not excessive in their opinion.
    I spent 3 plus years in Germany during the COLD WAR. 1964-1968
    Let me tell you about my time in the land of Trapp.
    But first let me WARN YOU may not have the stomach for that.

    If I had only knew back then, how I was to be treated now, well I would have chose
    a different path.
    But then none of us would be here today anyway if we did not so in the end the means justified the fight.

    I have a catalogue compiling my events of injustice to show those who don't have the stomach to look
    just what their compliance looks like. Maybe they will see when their olfactory bulb alerts them to the risk that they just
    ignore or know nothing about.


    You need to say why you consider over 5000 is not to high when you know it is the legal limit set by the CSR
    I suggest you consider the limits set by law to be upheld as high enough, but as we see laws are not your concern to public safety.

  5. Come on Who is watching CBC and listening to politicians. They are spearding false info all the time and they don't do as they say and expect the people just to follow along. Everyone tell the true , stay sake and take care

  6. There's a really good reason they comments turned off and you have yours on. Who do you think is terrified from a response? LOL CBC, Communist Broadcast Coalition right?

  7. Thank you for reporting this! The truth will stand, the lies will fall, for truth can stand up by itself. Much thanks to everyone involved in exposing the lies. It's much appreciated!

  8. Thank you to the hospital people for posting the real truth on line. We need to know, if more would post we the ordinary people would have more understanding. Creator bless you and keep you safe.

  9. I was in this hospital a few weeks back for a hand injury I sat in the waiting room for 3 hours my wife was forced to wait outside, I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE WAITING ROOM FOR 3 HOURS!

  10. Way off on this one,steinback is an evil place. Where the smiles and friendliness fade after your wallet is emptied. If you don’t have the right name or go the right church your just a dollar sign.ill be lambasted for my opinion,but you know it’s true.

  11. The GLOBALIST criminal broadcasting corporation or as we call them the Controlled Mediums of Mass Persuasion have created the cover story for the coming economic crash.

  12. Why are people such sheep, I’m just shocked Alberta and with conservative government and population everyone is wearing a mask … sheep

  13. Get Keean Bexte to the hospital to video the passages/hallways and wards!!! Oh my, this is so awful and devastating. 🤥🤥🤥🤥😂💪💪🛌💤Ezra send Keean pronto!

  14. I'm absolutely sick to death of these, supposedly, experts. It is engineered criminality on a grand scale. Why are opposing experts not being listened to? Well, there are many reasons really. The mainstream media have a lot to answer for also. This entire fear plandemic has an agenda. That is absolutely clear for all to see, as long as you have your eyes open? I'm also sick to death of the amount of people rolling over and accepting the official narrative 😡. These wankers are dragging us into oblivion whilst begging for a deadly vaccine? The propoganda being spewed out on mainstream media platforms is pure brainwashing. It proves once again that, the herd mentality will always give up the freedoms due to fear and hysteria😡. Wankers the lot of them.

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