October 23, 2021


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Central Asia on the verge of a water war

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21 thoughts on “Central Asia on the verge of a water war

  1. 12:10 – false information. the cameras were placed without permission or negotiation between countries. the Tajik side was the first who started throw stones and improvised means.

  2. Never got any insight of Central Asia before today. That was a lot to take. Now I know that there are other countries as well who has far worse water issues then we have here in South Asia

  3. People should stop having kids, the world cannot sustain the growth. Who ever thought that a bitcoin would need energy equivalent to that of Argentina.

  4. Shrivan you should make a video on the Geopolitics of Palestine. The future doesn’t look bright for them and it would be nice to see a video describing the options the PA has left to achieve some sort of statehood and peace in the region.

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