April 22, 2021


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50 thoughts on “Central Bank Digital Currency Explained

  1. Yet again, there is a co-ordinated attack against my channel (in the comments) by more than 40 nasty & fake/bot accounts as well as several fake NMW & ITM Trading accounts. They are trying to scam you & discredit me & Lynette. Just ignore them and I will keep blocking them until they go away…

  2. People are in the stockyard now. They are being locked down to be fed before the slaughter. Get fat off the government, so you are dependent, and can't move fast enough to save yourselves. They are going to slaughter us people.

  3. Great job Neil and Lynette… my two favorite knowledge providers in a combo. It's coming and coming soon! Thanks for the ongoing work both of you, much appreciated.

  4. The old programed mind on the worship of money is about to change. Poor people need money. Not the wealthy. Money is fake. It's only a control mechanism.

  5. One point… the fee for businesses putting cash into their bank account is higher than the fee for processing card payments. It's also more secure for the businesses not having to hold cash, taking on fake notes, risking robbery etc. As a business owner myself, I absolutely prefer card payments.

  6. How much I appreciate Lynette's vision thinking she is correct about most of what she talks about, she is not educated on the Bitcoin Blockchain fundamentals.

  7. if people are rich they can afford kriptos. but they're not. so realistically they can afford only gold & silver & most only can afford poor mans gold BULLETS BEANS & BULLION the real tangibles . lynnette zang is down to earth neils ok too. but i don't like it when guys i like push their fantasy so called money on the people like kriptos. mostly their audience can't afford it. great interview

  8. Love the interviews, heavily disagree on the part where you say that other cryptocurrencies will do much better than BTC and ETH tbh Nigel,… Institutions have chosen these two. And yes, the short term ROI on some other coins might be bigger, BTC and ETH will be the safer bet in the long run in any case.

  9. i think anyone who hasnt woke up by this point is too far gone. i was able to get through to some people at the start of the pandemic, but i cant get through to anyone now. they are sleeping zombies and they get enraged if you challenge their thought process.

  10. I see the problem with gold as a hedge against all this to be that, as with bitcoin etc, once CBDC comes in, it will be simple for govts to prevent it from being sold for CBDC (the only currency that will be convertible for goods and services). Even if can be converted they will be able to set the price. They'll do everything they can (which will be a lot) to prevent anyone from escaping the system. Even Lagarde has said that measures must be global so that there will be no escape route.

  11. Buy heirloom (non gmo!) seeds & learn to grow your own food. Even if you only have an apartment balcony or windowsills, you can grow delicious, nutritious edibles. Build up your pantry – store as much food as you can and learn to rotate it so nothing is wasted. Eat today what you bought last year and it's a better savings/earner than cash in a savings account. Water too and ways to purify it. Imagine you have no power for a few weeks or months – what else would you need?!

  12. it's not a coincidence at all. David Icke was saying all of this was coming years ago and people called him crazy. David Icke isn't so crazy now is he?

  13. No use trying to explain this to Cryptopians (utopian crypto advocates who love getting something for nothing as much as the fed)

    All they care about is the price of their digital fiat in paper fiat.

  14. Talk into phone, holding it close to face and mouth, place mask on, go into store to buy goods, , pay for goods by touching phone to card reader, place mask back on, go outside, take mask off, use phone. How many places where sterilizing card readers? How many where infected by apple pay?

  15. Very interesting and informative again.
    If a digital cashless currency became a reality, but you had previously converted your cash in the bank to gold or silver to preserve it's value , you would presumably need to convert the metals occasionally back into usable currency for daily transactions. What if you had a poor social credit score, also discussed, like in China? If you even managed to convert it back into currency , is it not then back in the control of the system which could deny you access to it?

  16. the real heros of the future will be those that can create deatroy hack computer programs, electronics technicians , database havking and destruction, malware and virus developers, electronics engineers. those will be your heros. compensate them take care of them shelter them educate them well and they will destroy your chains. without them the controllers will have smaller sticks. and like good chimps with sticks will back off back to their caves unless you just aniahlate them

  17. Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System, and it is composed of multiple

    things. At its center we have the COVID-19 vaccination that he wants to give every human on earth,

    there will be quantum dot microneedles, a digital identification mark from ID2020, and a human

    implantable device for buying and selling cryptocurrency with a patent number of #060606. The digital

    ID will come in the form of something called an Immunity Passport. All of these things, and all being

    funded by one man, Bill Gates, represents in total at the very least a stunning forerunner to the Mark

    of the Beast world system.

  18. We have to Super Stores here in Ohio and one was trying to go cashless last year I just moved ALL of my business over to the other store and told all of my family/friends about this some actually joined me. I even when into the cashless store just to ask the managers/clerks why hey were doing this and how the other Super stores Corp down the street was not trying to force us to go cashless..anyway We Won the Cashless Corp caved in under our pressure and took down their "No Cash signs" and allowed cash again. Today they have given up on cashless just because a few of us took the time to get involved and change this. True story YOU can do it also GET INVOLVED !

  19. ______Just say NO to the cashless "digital society" ! Fight back by educating those around you and use CASH $$ and avoid doing business with the Big Mega corps. shop LOCAL, build LOCAL BUSINESSES esp. those of like mind ditch BIG TECH.BIG GLOBALIST CORPS..

  20. Linette, I always thought that you were a clever gold bug. But now I see that you are one smart libertarian girl. Many thanks for educating us all. Spread the word. You may consider some offshore foreign place to bug out. Plan B. Thanks.

  21. If it's everything for the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to create new debt, to lend into existence. Why would they allow for the 10 Year Treasury to be rehypothecated? Instead of creating a new 10 Year Treasury?

  22. Makes sense to be afraid of ubi because of corrupt leaders.
    Perhaps creating a supercomputer to control all resource and ubi distribution would be the best solution to this. Because ai has no agenda except making things work perfectly and in harmony

  23. In regards to resetting the dollar backed by gold, is this why so many countries have been trying to get their gold repatriated? I've seen articles back in 2018 of Turkey requesting 220 tonnes US from the Federal Reserve following other countries like Germany
    , Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Russia, China, Azerbaijan.

  24. They think your crazy. I tell them you lack critical thinking. I get a blank stare and I say " Look it up" Critical thinking has been described as an ability to question; to acknowledge and test previously held assumptions; to recognize ambiguity; to examine, interpret, evaluate, reason, and reflect; to make informed judgments and decisions; and to clarify, articulate, and justify positions

  25. When 666 the mark of the beast start you will not be able to buy or sell no physical assets would do. You could bring your gold to the bank for the new digital money they will ask you first did you received the mark 666 on your right hand or forehead. If you say no you will be reject by the bank and walk back home with your gold in your pocket

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