October 23, 2021


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Change My Mind Mixtape! Crowder TRIGGERS Leftists, ANTIFA, and Woke Feminist!

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32 thoughts on “Change My Mind Mixtape! Crowder TRIGGERS Leftists, ANTIFA, and Woke Feminist!

  1. I know some of this clips are old. It's crazy. That these people talk all this shit an hide there face. I bet when the mask is off there views are totally different..

  2. It shocking to see how so many people embrace fringe ideologies. Doesn’t matter if they are left or right, people are really choosing some weird hills to die on. And it’s sad cause it people have way more in common than they think.

  3. That try to “deplatform this!” t-shirt is an absolute masterpiece Steven. Gettin crowded over there by the subscribe button!!! You’re untouchable. You’ve now ascended to Forever-Relic

  4. I know many, many women that have been raped.. from childhood and on. The sex trade is very prevalent.. what they're saying is very true for a lower class. The corruption is very real. I'm a man and I see it everywhere.. I have not participated. I've helped many women out that go through that. I do what I can.

  5. I think Crowder is actually as annoying as those deranged leftists. They are just being plain stupid and ignorant, he is willingly and knowfully bating people, playing games and polarizing.

  6. I made a lil mistake about my clarification so alt whites r probably not British he prob means like slam avian or whatever it is most British r probably brunettes dominately

  7. 18:00 gets mad cause Steven makes money for selling mugs and t-shirts, but probably loves Bernie even though he has 3 houses yet still asks people to fund his campaigns.

    How dare you make money off your hard work!

    I think this guy thinks that your political message is lesser if you also make money on the side of it. It can be but Steven puts focus on the discussion and dialogue, he isn't interrupting his guests halfway and advertises his merch.

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