April 22, 2021


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Channel 4 DESTROYED For Mocking Queen

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45 thoughts on “Channel 4 DESTROYED For Mocking Queen

  1. If it was a comedian in makeup, I wouldn't have a problem. But using seep fake technology is a scary concept. People will no doubt see this and think it's real. It's a modern, technological form of libel defamation. The issue is, that the technology is progressing faster than the law can keep up with it.

  2. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/332503 We need more help with this petition we need 40,000 more signatures to get this over the line and turn the map deep red. Also, we have 30 Days to do it. We need to help our brave boys and girls and we need to get our Veterans off the streets and get them the mental health care they require. Please sign and share all over the internet and write to your MP as we. ,,,

  3. Who took the photo of Boris in a relaxing pose in No.10. They should be found out and fired IF Boris didn't give his permission for the photo to be published online.

  4. How this crew are still relevant ( she is german) is holding this country back by hundreds of years. They are not averse to " dissapearing" anyone they do not approve of. She, along with her goldentoilet are out of step with real life. I AM NOT A SUBJECT.

  5. It was not about the comedy it was about getting people USED to understanding most of the people they see on their TV are not real, clones or CGI like the movies HENCE using the word DEEPFAKE. some people still not ready for the truth but its coming. What about her Corona brooch they are making a fool of us…..

  6. These lockdowns are ILLEGAL- 99.9 percent of people under 70 will not die this is a FRAUD to help the Government a corporation committ genocide against the people of this country and the world – vaccines are not needed they know this – this is the biggest CON in history – Watch this video please https://youtu.be/AiYpAuXx77Q

  7. Unemoyment high, child poverty in the UK at an all time high, homelessness at an all time high…….but you're all bothered about a deepfake stunt that backfired on channel 4…..get over it ppl theres far more serious issues to be worrying about that are affecting peoples lives every day right now……or do they not bring in enough revenue from tourism for people to care about them?

  8. Would have thought the Queen would have grounds to sue C4 due to her actual image being used. Sure they have changed the mouth but the rest looks too like the Queen to be a digital version of her.

  9. I'm anti monarchy and think it needs to be quietly abolished once Elizibeth resigns or dies (long may she live) yet this is just being rude to a little ol lady…it's poor taste.
    Its not funny.
    I wouldn't ban it…but…I can say it's nasty minded crap can't I ?

  10. Ok this might be a North American thing but ….?..?.. were they mocking Joe Biden's speeches because if they weren't… I mean it was perfect The Queen sounded about as coherent and clear as Biden LOL …. Just me ….. HAHAHA

  11. Looks like no one understood what Channel 4 wanted to show, so free speech has a limit when it comes to a particular person but when it comes an over a billion people who follows a particular religion are open game……

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