April 20, 2021


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CHAOS was the PLAN all along!

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24 thoughts on “CHAOS was the PLAN all along!

  1. David and keisha Harris ran over my left foot and ankle july 2019 hard suffering injury 13 pins rods plates in it as I was trying to visit a relative holding a coffee cup…related to lincoln…as an american been living in poverty most my 62 years…low standard of living. No no fault $ apologies for 911 inside job or my accident as a 30 year nyc resident. Wheres the empathy?

  2. We have to understand that this virus is jus that deadly that if we don't spend these trillions of dollars or grandkids won't exist.. so better for them to be In debt… Makes sense… The virus ain't even that bad tho . Smh

  3. You use to film the news , now you just comment on other's footage . Grow a set and get back in the streets or you're irrelevant. Stop trying to be Tim Poole , he's a 😹. You're not .

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