March 1, 2021


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Charles Hugh Smith – Parallels Between The Decline of the Roman Empire and America

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31 thoughts on “Charles Hugh Smith – Parallels Between The Decline of the Roman Empire and America

  1. Common good dead and burried in anunaki time itself…now it is all about sold out our body mind and soul to the fiat paper currency by all of us…we are living worst living conditions than old slavery with fake cosmetic looks and appearances…

  2. What were the main symptoms of Rome's decline?
    – Debasing the currency
    – Losing control of their borders
    – Widespread decadence and hedonism
    – Politics became so corrupt and inefficient it ceased to function

    The parallels are so obvious they are unarguable.

  3. Great show, but Hawaii is NOT a safe part of the world. The U.S. is a collapsing Empire. Frequently, when empires collapse, they start giant wars (WW I, WW II). Nearly the entire US PACIFIC FLEET is in Hawaii. America starts WW III on its way out the door, you get nuked… but the weather is nice.

    New Zealand is a safe location.

  4. Why is increasing productivity the Holy Grail? Overproduction is and has been for decades one of the primary contradictions of capitalism. WTF! The Spanish/American war was to open Chinese markets to the US via the Philippines. The Marshal Plan was a way for America to export its excess production capacity.

  5. I remember reading of army leaders in the early Roman Republic who would, if the battle was going against their troops, drive straight into the enemy throng – giving up their lives for Rome and making sure their troops would see them (by dressing all in white) so that their men would make that extra effort. How many western leaders would do such a thing today? And that's a rhetorical question.

  6. I followed CHS for over 10+ years. He writes excellent prose. Whenever enpires collapse, currency is debauched, economy is speculative & ethics decline…….These are what we see today.

  7. I see people with brand new big vehicles, they have to cost 50K and up, airports packed with people going on vacations….lots of govt retired people, buying new homes, etc. They have money.

  8. Both were destroyed by greedy oligarchs who cared nothing for the populace!
    Both watered down the currency and increased debt rather than forgive debt and restore true value to money!
    Nero, Caligula Trump, Clinton, Epstein!

  9. How about providing the candidates that want to improve conditions free advice. You make good points about how it came about but I hear not much about solutions.

    Borrowing to pay for medicare, student debt forgiveness, etc…. the rich a d corporations should psy their fair share of taxes!

    What are your thoughts about the manner in which the Chinese government manages their economy and the impact on their populations?

  10. No, it won't be like the fall of Rome.
    Rome didn't have nukes.
    We are too big to fail. If you want that to happen, be prepared to die. Doesn't matter where you live. But some people want to see the end of humanity.

  11. 27:30 Yeah, posing trading somebody-else manufactured goods and resources for worthless printed pieces of paper (and sometimes for simply computer-generated bits of information) as a selfish act: only the Americans would believe that crap!

  12. Like a company in crisis, the financial system is in trouble. What reputation does it have? What has it done to the environment? The technological progress doesn't last very long if there's no habitat. Evidently the goal is to fake infinite growth and hope no one see's.

    Yet another 'company' has been communicating and sacrificing throughout mankind's long crisis of human government, when it all started. Armageddon's not going to happen in my lifetime? Your silver and gold won't save you. The political order may even change.

  13. Seem that's happening all over the world… The rich and elite keeps getting moe richer and powerful as the masses struggles to stay afloat. A bubble ready to pop.

  14. How can he not know that Bill Gates came from a filthy wealthy family? Gates parents were both from elite wealthy families and Gates attended the most prestigious prep school in the Northwest. Gates mother sat as a board member for the United Way. She received insider information and set up her son, Bill to buy the MS-DOS language. He did not do shit on his own, it was insider info from another board member who worked as a top tier executive for IBM and Gates parents gave him the $50K to buy the DOS language from the cash strapped developer. They knew IBM wanted to use the DOS language for their new, yet to be delivered PC.

    Back to the main point, how could a guy talking about the history of wealth accumulation, not know how the 'face' of American billionaires, Bill Gates got his start and the lofty perch from where he started his climb to the top of the wealth heap.

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