39 thoughts on “Charlie Bronson V The Street Fighter”
  1. I worked at Heathrow Airport with a guy called Tel currey who was best freinds with Roy Shaw he bought out a book called hero's and villans and I have a copy signed by Charles Bronson who he was in prison with

  2. Peaple like Charlie bronson are better of inside , this generation of youth dont respect any1 , he would be shot dead or stabbed in the chest and thats a FACT , the days of having a fist fight in the park were over 10 years ago .

  3. Leave Charles alone he's a reformed elderly man that needs knowone getting fame of of his misfortune. Charles is a mental health indefinite sentenced patient. Think people should remember Charles is a street fighter yet extremely institutionalised and will always be a danger cos he's age is that of a child when temperd. Charles will pass away inside. Community's are are like that. You all forget he's never ever attempted reform or remorse or just doing his sentence back in early 2000 he was told last chance ever instead he held art therapist hostage until Charles got the UK 🇬🇧 hostage record. Never ever coming out

  4. I think Charlie B deserves parole look at the killers who've gone in n come out all while he's been in and Charlie has never killed anyone yet as done longer in seg than theyve done on the landings yes he gets a little agitated n stuff but fuck me wouldnt any of us ive done 16 yrs n a lot of seg meself n yrs it does drive ya nuts i truely hope he gets his Jam he's one of us old school n theres not many left with our morals lets hope he sees a little daylight wish him all the best


  5. I think they should just create a new channel on t.v to sort these old disputes out in the ring or out of it and donate the proceeds to the main charities, Most of these old boys have got a few quid and i bet they would be game, plus we would see who turned up and who did not……

  6. I Am Ryan Burke…

    This person in the video. WHOEVER THE POSER IS. is just one of them DOSSERS, who keeps harassing Charlie by annoying him when so close to release. Why doesnt he message me

    IF YOU SEE THIS RING ME ON +447903218070


  7. Your just one of them people that looks for a reaction off him. Leave him alone, he just wants to get out of prison and live a nice life. He doesnt want idiots like you putting him back inside for a fight.

    Leave the bloke alone. Your just one of those systematical abusers… A big set up

  8. Charles Bronson is 67 years old give the guy some peace, instead of trying to arrange fights or compare who is the hardest man , we should all try to get Charles out of prison so he can spend the years he has left with his family doing his artwork and having a peaceful life instead of this macho hard man B.S. that’s unfairly hanging round his neck and preventing him from getting parole.

  9. Not sure if its embarrassing to look back to talk about how hard you were… or a macho thing.. I think best leave it to rest.. past is past inless your an ex heavyweight world champion then yeah tell the story, but these ex gangsters just cant let go… embarrassing tbh 👊

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