May 11, 2021


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Children Of Abraham: Part One (Religious History Documentary) | Timeline

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32 thoughts on “Children Of Abraham: Part One (Religious History Documentary) | Timeline

  1. God who is perfect in every way is all powerful and all knowing, infinite in love and perfect righteous justice and defeat over sin and death. This is only possible in Christ Jesus who paid the full weight of sin once and for all and by His resurrection He thereby defeated death and sin once and for all who believe/love/trust in Him. No amount of animal sacrifices could ever pay the full weight of sin for humanity "that which is made in God's image" for only God is the only worthy being who could pay the full weight of sin for those who are made in His image making His justice/defeat over sin perfect and righteous also revealing and demonstrating His infinite love for us. For God demonstrated His own love for us, in that while we were still yet sinners, Christ died for us! Glory to God in Jesus Christ's holy name!

  2. Christianity: That Great Idol Worshiping Society
    Yes, perhaps Christianity is the greatest Idol worshiping society in the history of humanity.
    They worship the beast, (That Cute Little Lamb) that beast out of the earth, that it tells about in the book that Christianity worships. That cute little beast is also called That Great America, the superpower of the Whole World.
    They have a flag idol also that they worship that they say represents that cute little Lamb Beast that they worship.
    Then there are two names that they worship, one is Mary and the other one is Jesus. There are pictures and statues that they call Mary and one they call Jesus, that they worship.
    Then they even have idols for their children. Santa Claus, The Tooth fairy, and The Stork that delivers wee babies.
    In that book that they worship, it judges and condemns the worship of that book and the whole Idol worshiping society.
    In that book it says the letter or words kills and the spirt gives life.
    Perhaps one of the most outstanding lies that is in that book is that it claims that all creation was performed in just six days.
    And there is no such evidence of that speedy creation.
    However, there are much evidence that creation took many thousands of years.
    Christianity is a Vicious Killing Society they even kill their own members of their own churches in other nations.
    Our Ancient Brother Jesus and the twelve that followed him refused to kill any human. They all suffered death instead.
    This was the life and teaching of our Ancient Brother Jesus: (love your Enemies: Resist not Evil: Love and care for all others as we would like to be loved and cared for.)
    Gods can do nothing, there are many Gods, and Gods are just imaginary mythical personages of worship, Gods are not creators.
    It is the Great Creator that has full control of all creation. And there is just One and only Great Creator.
    The Catholic Church and all her protestant little children are known worldwide as Christianity.
    This is just words to the honest and wise: honesty and understanding is the only true belief.
    Without honesty and understanding we do not know what to believe.
    To accept others opinion of the truth without proving it to yourself; it is being deceived it is not believing.
    We must understand to believe.
    Until Next time; Sweet Dreams: truth will solve all our problems before we create them; and ignore or reject the truth; problems will multiply all by themselves; those problems will need no help.
    Have a great and a meaningful life if it is at all possible.
    Just whispers, of the Ghost of Reality
    PS. Ignorance is ignoring the facts and truth when it whacks you on your noggin.
    And Honesty is the determination to find the facts and truth.

  3. This short documentary was very interesting. I learned things about Christianity and Islam that I never knew. It’s was interesting to know that the three Abrahamic religions are similar to one another in a way, but still very different. It’s our differences that make us special and connects ourselves with each other and forms a Unity. We are similar in the sense that After Judaism, Christianity and Islam grew out of it, and are parent religions. As a Jew myself, I sense no need to target other religions because the beliefs aren’t alike. Everyone has the right to practice their religion, and I am not fond of those who despise others because of their religion. I send my deepest admirations and respect to all human beings of all religious faiths. At the end of the day, we are all human, and we live on earth with a purpose. I believe we should all be thankful for the honourable gift of HUMANITY.

  4. We made the same flaws like everyone's else. We have to remember the Jewish people who are submitted to God and are helping the outcasts worldwide. Of course, I am not saying every Jew does the same thing like the rest of the entire population who aren't responsible with their neighbors.

  5. What real prophets deeds were? To fight for justice, to speak directly to kings and including the queen Jezebel and about their immoral living conditions for all. We have to acknowledge our errors and good things.

  6. People tend to believe God rejected Ishmael because he blessed and chose Sarah ' s son. The reality he blessed the two sons, but God decided for Sarah ' s son and the real inherent and be role model and espiritual. Chosen for some it's preferences and favoritism, but it means real sacrifice to care for the vulnerable and especially with espiritual and guidance. For others means sacrifice to murder or to commit suicide to be able to survive or help others.

  7. People becomes resentful by having bad interpretation by saying God's chosen people. I mean he decided and his thoughts are higher than ours. Why do we refuse and accept what he decided for his entire creation. His creation are white, Jewish, black, Arabs, Asians and aboriginals globally.

  8. God blessed Ishmael, but looks like many have bad interpretation. The problem they confuse things because God decided the role model and to be the espiritual leader should be Sarah ' s son and inheritance. I don't see that as a problem to me because we are the sons and daughters of God and his creation.

  9. I AM the returned Christ & Albert Einstein reincarnated. What do you need?

    We're all connected through the conscious and subconscious mind. Every thought is a prayer and every prayer is answered by GOD/Nature if it's GOOD.

    See – only the returned Christ & Einstein reincarnated could produce this. It's triggered The Apocalypse/ Revelation which is not the 'end of the world' – it's the 2nd Coming (E=mc²).

  10. This life is all about sacrifice .. when u pray for god to take your suffering away he places it on someone else u should thank him for using u to carry the burdens of others . Everything we go thru has a reason that effects someone else so the lessons are spread and we keep evolving spiritually so the horrible and pleasant things that happen to ppl have to happen to someone so be careful what u pray for . I thank god for giving me the burdens he has given me as horrible and trying as they are I know my faith is strong and I have the power of gods Holy Spirit and can never be defeated I will always have the perfect amount of strength for any trial he puts me thru and the reward is always so worth it . Saved by gods grace but I will always do his works and spread the gospel .

  11. are these people kidding? wow to claim that you believe and respect the word of God and then to go and do completely the opposite, stupidity and evil are taking over.

  12. If we observe the history then we came to know that every single things in Al-Quraan or Islamic history are true and complete. Proud to be a muslim. And I would like to invite you guys who thinks about the TRUTH. Because the only truth is Islam.


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