April 10, 2021


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China BLOCKS Mahyar Tousi

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47 thoughts on “China BLOCKS Mahyar Tousi

  1. “Wet market” the probable cause ?
    Wouldn’t the Wuhan lab be a more likely source — since it is in close proximity to the first reported case?

  2. What's really strange is that I've been keeping an eye on Chine since 2009 – every lie has been proven to be just that! When I see China start to behave like the UKUS or FR I'll call it out for what it is…

  3. Democrat politician: Wear your face diaper or you're killing granny you racist Nazi!!

    Also Democrat politician: It's perfectly OK if I lower my mask so I can sneeze into my hand.

  4. We really need to keep an eye on the Ccp. I see them as the next great risk to the world….and they seem to be mimicking the german behaviour leading to ww2.
    I find it absolutely crazy that even the hairbrained EU numpties want to get into bed with china….it beggars belief and the EU have no moral high ground cosying up to such a morally bankrupt country….

  5. You Tube "NTD chinese history, episode 9" says it all for me. The Communist Party has the ambition to rule the World. What joy has the Chinese Communist Party brought to India with the recent Border Wars? What joy has the Chinese Communist Party brought to Mongolia and Russia with it's historic land claims. What joy has China brought to the Sovereign States washed by the warm waters of the South China Seas, for which China has had no historic rights. The Chinese Communist Party asserts it's right to micromanage it's own citizens in a manner compatible with George Orwell's fantasy novel 1948. This post cannot be seen in China because they have their own fibre optic cables feeding a highly controlled internet.

  6. Its genuinely hilarious that trump again is right to do what he did and not one paper being honest about it and saying trump was right to get out of that deal

  7. Hey, Mahyar… Don't be too dismissive of these guys… The Chinese CCP will have no hesitation in having you 'removed' – permanently – and no-one will know what happened. You'll simply disappear, like an inconvenient Clinton 'dissident'…

  8. The Communists have been buying up all big tech and politicians in the west. Watch them NOW enforce CCP style rules because they think Trump is fine and their Puppet Biden is in office. How wrong these Luciferians are. CCP is pure evil and their agenda is to kill every single person that is not Han and take over the World. I know, I worked in China.

  9. So i am against 99% of Chinese trad medication however i still want a thorough analysis of most of the products used (something that hasn't been done to any large degree) to see if they have ANY benefits or compounds proven as it could lead to new discoveries in our real practical medicines and im not talking about chi or acupuncture but rather provable chemistry.

  10. As usual while shilling for Boris you are not klooking at the REAL FACTS, we can't do ANY business with China without slave labour being used.

    This is because most of their raw cotton production and mining is cxarried out by effective slave Labour. The rest of the Chinese economy relies on those raw materials produced by slave labour ergo if you deal with China you ARE supporting their slave labour system.

    Stop shilling like a total wanker and start using your brain.

  11. In a free society anyone has the right to block you. Don’t see a problem really. You continue to make things up about China and they continue to ignore people like you . Lol

  12. The WHO and communist government are in collusion, so its all window dressing that they are there to get answers. As well the wuhan labs would have been cleaned up right after it leaked the virus, so again a waste of time. Its all just for show and everyone knows it.

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