May 14, 2021


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45 thoughts on “China ‘goes after Australia’ with brand new iron ore ‘threat’

  1. CCP IS NOT A LEGAL GOVERNMENT. THEY ARE THUGS!!! Since China's godless CCP mafia bully and threatens the world community while disregarding and disrespecting International Laws. The Asean region with india,Japan, Australia and other allies headed by the USA should cut off all diplomatic relations with China and acknowledging Taiwan as a legal DEMOCRATIC STATE.

  2. So we are going to war with China because Americans say so. You stupid pommy-muppets – piss-off back to England. China is way more important for Australia's economy than the U.K and the U.S could ever be. I don't need an American or pom-Brit telling me about morality or politics. This is Australia and no American or British royalist is going to tell me what I can buy or who I can do business with.

  3. Australia are now vulnerable to the Chinese – China has built a large sleeper community, understanding their sleeper community limitation. China state security strategic intelligence planners looked at Pakistan ISI and with help from ISI for addition human resources, adding to the Chinese sleepers. Starting 2016 China funded ISI to recruit over 400 pakistani, lebanese, Indian, Turks, Bangladeshi, Malaysia and bosnian muslims, -now been recruited. Some already there, some want to migrate to Australia, Canada and New zealand, these are long term sleepers from  pakistani, lebanese , Turks, and bosnian other muslim countries. In the event of a conflict with USA, China wants to have options on the ground… exploiting Australian geography is key component to winning a conflict with USA and Australian in the south China sea.Also China and Pakistan ISI been very successful In Canada to recruit sleepers and people with their ideology. ISI has many Ex-Pakistani generals,with their and extended family members living in Canada and now active in Canadian politics in the background.Informed sources record that almost all pakistani residing in Canada hold dual nationalities, Pakistani and Canadian –  same goes for large number of Lebanese , Turks, and bosnian muslims.When imran khan was asked about these activities, he just played it down and rubbish the theory to Pakistani haters.  An australian senator has questioned ASIO on this development – it was shut down by the australian government.   Do others know more about this development -why now,  Australia and Canada is a target for China and why would Pakistan be sticking their neck out for China ? please share your view.

  4. Paul Murray was speaking rubbish. China needs Australia's iron ore , at least until Brazil can get its mining of iron ore recommissioned (there was bad damage in Brazil impacting on their capability to mine and export large amounts of iron ore). Same with Coal and liquid Gas, China is not going to stop importing those resources from Australia until some other Country produces these raw resources as cheaply and as reliably
    as Australia can. If China could get Iron Ore, Coal, and Gas from some other Countries as reliably as Australia supplies those materials then the CCP would be doing that. The CCP wants to show Australia who is Boss. Up yours CCP.

  5. I’d rather sell iron ore to the US than China. At least that way, the iron would come back as cars or cutlery and not bullets, artillery shells and misses.

  6. Just dont publicise chinas threats just tell china to buzz off there are other countries that will take what we have look at india and the usa abd others then we can geet back on our feet with out china 🖕.

  7. China is afraid, because Australia supples it 50 percent of its iron ore,if Australia stops supply of iron ore to China, chinese steel industry will stop.
    The reason China is worried it that if Australia starts steel mills and commece producing steel, China may loose its supply chain.
    That is why it is rattled.

  8. Sky News Australia,.,.The one thing that china fears and will do anything to stop is this. I urge the Australian government to float the idea that if China does not behave in a civilised manner visa vis trade, then Australia will have no option to than to open talks with TAIWAN on establishing embassies and diplomatic relations with that country as that country ie TAIWAN more closely resembles our cor values and open transparency in trade and other matters,. also bring into open forum the fact that Chinas currency is not floated, its fixed by the CCP, this unfair advantage to world trade must end forthwith,

  9. stop beiing emotional morons on an ethical high pedestal and just dont ruin your trading realtions with china. 55 % of asutralias mining exports goes to china , you fuck that up then you fuck the lives and careers of hundreds of thousands of mine workers . australia , stop being a bitch and start caring about your mining workforce . put your citizens welfare above political ego. Fuck you scott morrison.

  10. Don't worry… Aussies. You have middle finger and just show it to rogues …. World is with you guys.. Support from India to Australia. 🇮🇳🇦🇺
    You are the only nation that have trade surplus against China…

  11. I would tell XI DING ALING to piss off we dont need him its a big world primeminister start contact them im sure the other countries need what we have to offer.

  12. Need to investigate some of Australian government officials as China friendly. See.
    "Australian hug a Chinese Day, " by government, just before coronavirus hit.
    Did China send their citizens to Australia with active case of corona to spread it in Australia and other countries?

  13. China urgently needs more iron ore NOW.

    Because they urgently need to expand their military assets ASAP.

    So they can defend their South China Sea
    Military base for a second stage in the final step on taking Australia by force.

    Then they no longer need to buy the resources they so desperately want, and then they will have this vast island continent without borders with any other country called Australia they can easily defend.

  14. Australia be careful, deal with communist China Chinese leaders and regimes. Ask for payment in gold or usd first, save been sabotage by this evil cruel wicked communist China Chinese leaders and regimes tactics. Every deal pay first, if not then no deal, no need to deal with these evil cruel wicked communist China Chinese leaders and regimes. No countries will trust this evil cruel wicked communist China Chinese leaders and regimes.

  15. Main scary thing is that the communist China Chinese leaders and regimes can promised everything to you, in printed agreements, will never comply to it. Even they signed agreement with Obama on 2015 that they will not build the south China sea island with armoury installations, and yet they go ahead. They cheated Mr. Trump they will buy e everything from them, but just talk for fun. So many times during these three years. So becareful. Even Mr.Putin won't trust them, Ask the CCP TO PAY FIRST THEN DELIVERY. VERY GOOD. ONLY COMMUNIST CAN UNDERSTAND COMMUNIST. AUSTRALIA SHOULD ASK THE CCP PAY FIRST THEN DELIVERY. NO MESS AROUND. IF NOT THIS EVIL COMMUNIST CHINA CHINESE LEADERS WILL SABOTAGE YOU SAYING YOU SEND THE WRONG PRODUCT.

  16. Remember they don't have real gold. Lately discovered 83 tons of fake gold. There are more coming out from communist China. If the CCP pay Venezuela and Iran gold for oil, OBVIOUSLY must be fake gold, ha ha maybe got con.

  17. The communist China Chinese leaders and regimes rules under they call communist chew ping chew, they must tell lies, lies, to steal, to rob, to cheat, to sabotage, to wrong you and put you in jail, to force you to surrender everything to them and then harvest your kidney and the rest of your body made into can food and send to Africa.

  18. Last night (june 30 2020) I had a dream that China had launched a Biological warfare agent attack against Australia as a precursor to invading them and taking over the country.

    After they conquered the country, the suffering survivors of the bio attack were badly weakened by the disease and the Chinese began to sell them some very expensive pills for their daily treatment. One type pill cost $1100 per day for treatment and the other cost $1800 per day. The first one helped a bit but was not as effective as the 2nd one and the pills allowed the person to be able to have a clear mind and focus on their daily tasks.

    I feel that China sees Australia military as a very easy conquest and that they covet the land and resources of that country.

    I'm praying that if China has any such plans and designs, that they be exposed and backfire in their faces!

  19. LOL They are afraid that Australia would stop exporting iron ore to china.. 60% of china's iron ore comes from Australia. if Australia stops exporting iron ore to china their economy will crash by 60% total disaster we would lose 30% lets see who will suffer more !!! their economic recovery is dependeint on Australia.

  20. By the way, you may want to consider stop selling iron ore to China and find some where else to sell it. They probably planning to take that ore, make steel to build their 2nd new carrier and what ever else they have planed. Up to you.

  21. Fuck china! I would gladly fight alongside australia…too bad justin trudeau is a coward and a spineless litle soyboi, just the thought of joining the military under his "leadership" makes me cringe

  22. Australia should pair with friendly democracies like India to export Iron ore. India also needs steel for its ever growing appetite for infrastructure development and barley for its widely rich alcohol businesses.

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