May 14, 2021


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33 thoughts on “China is Terrified of Olympic Boycott

  1. CCP government is a liar, bad Deceiver. I think the CCP will agree to meet the demands just to push through the Olympic. After the Olympic is done the CCP will forget all their commitments. The best is for the global boycott of the Olympic.

  2. BOYCOTT the BEIJING OLYMPICS! Destroy the disgusting ccp – this is a weapon the ccp are using for all it is worth; why the hell would the world allow the ccp to generate even more propaganda in the world? How long do we look away and do nothing to stop their inhumane treatment of everyone else and genocide of some?

  3. Imagine if companies where held accountable for the supply chain they use. Companies based in the USA and other countries worked Nazi Germany for profit. Now we have something worse and companies in the USA and other western countries gleefully support Slave labor and Organ Harvesting. Apple and others claim they do not, but that is only at the assembly plant where the cameras are not where the individual parts are made.

  4. it is also important to force the oplimip committee. sport is politics, it has always been. they can't act like naive ignorace. and ccp use it as politics as apparantly that if the committee wants to avoid politics then they have to abandon china

  5. i see that sort of boycott threat incredibly naive.
    what makes the ccp to say yes then when the olimpics over just keep continue?
    so they dont loose anything but we loose an opportunity.
    it has to be done or not. you can't negotiate murderers and crooks

  6. Thank you for your efforts! I enjoy your posture on China as well as your delivery.. like the reverse Norm Macdonald but better cuz I laugh at your shit, not the other way around…

  7. 🤬why there is so much media virus talk abt uk 🇬🇧 variant , Brazil 🇧🇷 variant , India 🇮🇳 variant n etc .. and now there is 350 variants in the world 🌍. But none is named china 🇨🇳 virus 🤷‍♂️⛑😡⁉️ Can the world 🌍 affected or anyone or media ask the World Health Organization Tis simple question ⁉️

  8. Понасенков рекламирует ваше видео в твитере а вы даже словом о нем не обмолвились, ну что за подонки!

  9. Think about this Inda and the West – China has three GREAT ENEMIES they would like to do the most Economic and Life Style Damage to: India, United States and Western Europe. WHO has been hit the hardest by the China CCP CoronaViruses?? Those 3! The Wuhan Virus was Designed and Released INTENTIONALLY beyond China's Borders, it should be considered an ACT OF WAR!

  10. Thousands of leafs have been written and there is no end to Beigings unscrupulous behavior untill date.So why not cuff the dragon now and immediately be so? How long will all wake up to nib it in its bud.The sooner the better.

  11. A boycott is not about trying to make the CCP change, it is about DRAWING A LINE IN THE SAND for our own people to follow. It is about creating a rally cry to push our governments to liberate the reeducation camps in China by whatever means necessary. It starts with setting the global political mood toward the "CCP question" appropriately, through a boycott. This "expert" Chris Fenton completely missed the most critical point of a boycott. It is not to gain leverage, or enact change, but to rally. It is NECESSARY and CRITICAL. The threat of a boycott alone is simply not enough to rally our people.


  13. Dont forget to include the South China Sea issue in one of your conditions. They are depriving the concerned ASEAN countries from enjoying their respective Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) with the CCP's ridiculous 9-Dash Line claim.

  14. I’d add to finally force them to keep their eating habits in check, higiene standards, no exotic animals sold. Pandemics have come our out China for hundreds of years (including the Black Death)

  15. It is my understanding that China has completely censored her accomplishments.
    Chloé Zhao became the first Chinese woman and the first woman of color to be awarded Best Director for her work on "Nomadland," which also took Best Picture.

  16. Berlin 1936. The Olympics were held amidst a growing Nazi Germany. International debate about a boycott arose, but the games continued. Unbeknownst to the majority of participants and citizens of the world, just kilometers away from the fun, people were already suffering in what Germans reassured the world to be "reeducation centers for political dissenters". This is history repeating itself, and if we don't succeed in boycotting the 2022 Beijing Olympics, we are inviting death. Have we honestly learned nothing?

    The only reason war has not broken out is because the CCP have chosen to be more patient with their expansionist plans. It appears they will wait until their work with the Uyghur population is complete, unlike the Nazis who bit off more than they could chew in sociopolitical regards. The world was unwilling to intervene in the Nazi "reeducation centers for political dissenters" until the invasion of neighboring countries. We must not afford the CCP the same luxuries, we must not let it go that far (Taiwan). These minorities need help today. They need it yesterday.

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