April 20, 2021


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China Talks War…Again… | ‘Piles of Cash:’ Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam

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China is preparing for war…again…as Xi Jinping meets with the Chinese Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee. Joshua Wong has been arrested in …


26 thoughts on “China Talks War…Again… | ‘Piles of Cash:’ Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam

  1. In order for Trump to do a Xi so he won't have to call the movers, he needs to disband the constitution and he can do this by declaring martial law. Will it be a conflict with China or Iran? Will we all be alive in February?

  2. Looking at the politburo, I wonder if the Chinese have a black hair dye that doesn't run. Maybe they could send to Giuliano. I doubt that they'd have a good orange one though.
    Maybe the secret is that the Chinese don't sweat as much as New York mayers.

  3. yep, most asians ( south east asian , japan, korea, ) are all kinda pro -trump because America as finally taking a stance against CCP's Bulling. But, of course….thats not really covered by the main media in America. The american main media is sooo corrupted.

  4. You all are all talk, wait till you actually live there and experience it yourself. You all who are so anti China knows nothing but fake info's by this white dude who obviously trying to bring war upon us. Man I thought Americans are smarter than this.

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