April 11, 2021


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China vs. Philippines | Dangerous Dispute in South China Sea

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China’s maritime militia has occupied Whitsun Reef in the on going South China Sea dispute. And it raises the grim specter of how the Biden China policy might …


38 thoughts on “China vs. Philippines | Dangerous Dispute in South China Sea

  1. Been to China…(at least at the airports) …not sure if it is because they don't know English that much that if you asks some of them (if not most) a question..they answer you rudely or at least give you false information to get you off their hair.
    China is lucky to have an "ally" in the Philippine President…the sad thing is that the President thinks he has a "friend" in China.

  2. Next time do a Episode on US Uncensored and talk about the Rasist in the US to Black and Asian live matter. And all the bombs the US Military has drop in people not Military base but on normal people. And all the Military Base around the world. China uncensored bad mouth China but please look in the US it have bad human rights and Rasist to black and now Asian people live in Street. The best place to go buy gun and walk in school supermarket and open fire on women and children cop go beat up and knees black man to death. And you bad mouth China has bad human rights. The US wipe out the Native American Indians the true American not this White America.

  3. I'm from the philippines and I'm telling you our gov't doesn't do shit about china. All our gov't do is please china hoping they would get on their good side. There is no hope for the fight against china with our current president.

  4. I'll say this and will keep saying this – China is a LOCUST. Anywhere send their ships, they strip it bare before they leave, IF they even leave.

  5. But our Government and our President wants be allied woth China. They were friends because our President needs them on the next election by 2022.
    The president is so stupid to be friends with China.

  6. I would suggest anchoring rows of buoys to the sea floor, 100 – 400 feet apart and run a cable between them with long ropes, chains and floats designed like seaweed, specifically to foul and seize Chinese fishing boat propellers. Have the Coast Guard patrol the perimeter day and night.

  7. Bakit hindi inireport ng Phil. Coast guard at Phil. Navy na nagpapatrolya sa WPS ang mga chinese ships jan sa Julian Felipe rift samantalang naka angklana sila jan wayback Dec. 2020.

  8. WWIII will start in unlikely places. In SCS. And Philippines will be the battleground. My poor countrymen you will be in the middle of the fight. You are still in pandemic, economic slump & uncertain future. And now you will have this enormous problem. You know who is to blame.

  9. the problem with US and other powerful countries only backup their allies by mouth only. They could've enforce or police the south china sea but they allowed China to build structures in the spratly Islands. The reason why Philippine President won't do anything because there is no guarantee allies will come to help seems like US is baiting Philippines for WW3. Due to Obama's mistake in dealing the south China sea the reason also Duterte cursed him for that and disappointed because Philippines are thought to be close US ally.

  10. Just give it to 🇨🇳 China and make the Philippines a province there already here and slowly taking over
    😎slowly but surely
    Du30 is ready to wave the white flag and welcome his long lost cousins 🙈🙉🙊

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