February 25, 2021


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China’s Admiration For Saudi Arabia

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35 thoughts on “China’s Admiration For Saudi Arabia

  1. When People use 4g phones in INDIA and u say 5G is used for TRACKING, what a JOKE. speed of 4G is more than enough. India will not opt for 5G bcos we love environment.

  2. Contrast the response in Riyadh with that in parts of Europe and North America, where gentle encouragement rather than clear instructions, and mixed messages as opposed to coherent strategies, have undoubtedly cost lives.

  3. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is showing that the complex mix of personal freedoms, public safety and public health can be balanced, even at the most difficult of times. And the Kingdom’s definition of human rights includes, above all, the right to human life.

  4. Good governance is one of the key aims of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 – the country’s flagship policy for change in the region. It is a region that will be hit harder than most by COVID-19. Iran is burying its people in mass graves. Turkey is locking people up for even posting about it.

  5. There are fewer challenges to a society and a government greater than a global pandemic, and the associated economic downturn. The fact that Saudi has responded so well – despite neighbouring one of the global epicentres of the disease – shows that the Kingdom’s leadership is more fluid and resilient than perhaps some outside observers realise.

  6. Kinda disappointed that this channel actually promotes their own agenda, you should have a guest who is not into promoting their political views and ethnocentrism, you're looking like just like other American media now.

  7. Western make a biggest mistake by investing all their money in China and teach the Chinese science technology ,education, Defense system and others Important techniques. I will blame on western first, it's a biggest lesson for the western. Whole world against Chinese

  8. Where there is conflict on the surface, there is collusion underneath. In his meeting with Big Oil and oil- patch loyalist, President Trump acknowledged the concern that oil was heading below $30/bbl because "these 2 countries are fighting over this & that, and killing the oil industry." The loyalist demanded punitive measures such a embargos and tariffs against Saudi Arabia, and further demanded that the Commerce Dept investigate what they contend is dumping of below-cost crude into the market.

  9. "China wants all the data…"?? Statists want to control all data. The more data is widespread the better for the truth. Statists hate truth. Enlightened people reject control by violence, the MODUS VIVENDI of statists.

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