April 20, 2021


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China’s Exploding Manhole Covers Reveal a Hole Lot of Problems

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A small firecracker creates a huge explosion. China is known for “tofu construction,” cheap, shoddy construction projects created by officials taking bribes and …


20 thoughts on “China’s Exploding Manhole Covers Reveal a Hole Lot of Problems

  1. I'm a water operator in the united states and to be honset i would like to see in those damn manholes just to see what they look like during normal operation. I find it hard to believe sewage is just sitting in the damn thing getting septic. It should be moving away that shit must just sit at a disgusting standstill.

  2. Exploding man hole navy ships exploding with no explanation planes from the sky vaccine that might turn you into a walking zombie I ask you why would anybody want to buy "made in China "

  3. You see…. what's all the worry about COVID all about? Obviously if it is made in China
    it can't last long! Personally I am surprised this farce has lasted this long……………….

  4. Top 10 US companies in China
    No 10 Hewlett-Packard
    No 9 McKesson Corp
    No 8 Ford Motor Company
    No 7 Valero Energy Corporation
    No 6 General Electric Company
    No 5 General Motors Company
    No 4 Apple Inc
    No 3 Chevron Corporation
    No 2 Exxon Mobil Corporation
    No 1 Wal-Mart Stores Inc

  5. Sleazy Joe Biden and Kamilla Harris are both in Xi Jinping's pockets. I am sure these kind of things will be a regular happening in the USA too as the Big Tech and Democrat elite stick their noses deeper into the trough of high treason, aiding and abetting the CCP and stuffing their pockets full of ill gotten gains.

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