April 20, 2021


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Chinas Rise in GDP & A New Potential Asset for America (India)

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29 thoughts on “Chinas Rise in GDP & A New Potential Asset for America (India)

  1. India is a space powerhouse, information technololgy powerhouse, bio technology powerhouse(India is called the pharmacy of the world), Indias silicon valley in bangalore annual export is nearly 180 billion dollars per year. All tech companies like Intel amd microsoft Google etc have biggest reaserch and development centers in bangalore India. Where brilliant indian engineers are employed. Indian brain power fuels innovation in all american tech companies. Indian engineers are on the forefront of ai and could computing. Ceo of Google Microsoft IBM adobe etc are all Indians India just recently achieved a major breakthrough in quantum communication. India does cutting edge space manufacturing at 1/10 of the price.

    The reason why companies do not establish their factories in India is due to beaurocratic red tape. Beaurocracy in India slows down decision making considerably in evey area in general. Getting industry established in India requires a lot of complex paper work. Lots of clearence is required. Forget about a factory setting up a small shop requires so much paper work. On top of that getting Environmental clearance is very difficult to get in India. When these consumer electronics are mass produced it heavily impacts environment. Plus labour unions in India are extremely active. Any exploitation of their rights can lead to strikes in factories. Labour unions are the most active pressure groups in India. But things are changing and govt has reduced a lot of paper work requires to invest in India. But don't expect free reign to companies to exploit work force like china.

  2. Look.. the west need new strategy on china 🇨🇳 4the Las 10 years they saying Chinese economy is abt to collapse yet 2020 it take over u s 🇺🇸 for the first time in
    F D I….

  3. India is not China, It's messy democracy not straight autocracy like China. India can provide support to $ in crisis by absorbing some $ temporarily while US can restructure but time is running out for US. Imagine if China throw border solution that India like & open border for china for business ?? China has nothing to loose on border dispute with India, Border was part of Tibet anyway, No Chinese live on that border.

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  5. ……😬…… this interview is about 30% cringe worthy….. 70% is 👌👊 bam 💥 on 🎯. Hoping to hear more on the next administration…. what to expect.

  6. I am so hungry for intelligent conversation. Our mainstream news media and our politicians are a bunch of ignorant children. Shoot, kids are more honest. Get government out of schools, and parents back IN the schools, and we´ll come a long way.

  7. Mr DNI: Everybody talked the talk with President Trump, rarely anybody walked the walk. Are you ONE of them? Where is the much anticipated report? The country is divided. Violence is breaking out. People are dying. You children and grand children will have to live with the decision you make today.

  8. 1/5/21 (I rate this a 7) Just watched this interview with Brigadier General Robert Spalding……I would have enjoyed it more if you had been the one to do the interview…..I think she interrupted him too many times….she did a pretty good job, but nothing compared to the one you did….please do these interviews yourself…maybe especially with Brigadier General Spalding….I love this guy….he is just so smart about China and everything else he says….he just tells it so we are able to understand almost everything he talks about…..what a gut !!! :).
    P.S. the one you did with him (I rate it a 10)…..great job….

  9. None of this matters if biden is elected what is everyone doing looking at videos like this. We are chinas greatest allie if biden is in office. Stop wasting your time get out and make a stand before january 6th

  10. Our children are being taught to think communism is the future. It really worries me since Socialism is first if we don’t do something now than Communism. We need to wake up & read our Constitution & teach it to our children & also to ourselves.!!

  11. Gen. Spalding is spot on, china is following the same principle that US followed against USSR.Make the other guy spend the money that he doesnot have. Keep spending 800 bn on defense but you are not going to fight a war in the conventional sense. They are gaining grounds in cyberwar, lawwar, mediawar, psy war etc and we are spending on military hardware.
    Ensure belt and noose initiative is slowed down, stop sending capital to china, let it shrivel up on its own.

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