October 23, 2021


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China's Secret Civil War | Secrets of War | Timeline

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39 thoughts on “China's Secret Civil War | Secrets of War | Timeline

  1. I like these films and pictures do back up this documentary history of what’s going on. I can see Mao was a sincere person who was truthful and committed to fight for the poor indigenous (being slaved, bullied and staved by the land owners) in China. Because there are so many news of problems in Xinjang, Hong Kong and Taiwan indigenous. I am exploring many related fields and history to get to know more and more. I am finding Mao communist government is a true hero to free poverty of China and had fight off many invasions all at the same time. Very good documentary on history, Thankyou.

  2. 3:10 "Zhang also saw the communist as the single greatest threat to his vision of a united China"

    Bra it is the greatest threat of united China. West China will tell you all you need to know about that.

  3. Mao deserved China.
    He was fighting the Japanese fighting for China living in caves while Chiang wine and dined with Americans. Svaed his troops to fight our own people, instead of repelling the Japanese. SMH

  4. China is a bloody and tyrannical country under the dictatorship of the Communist Party. The Communist Party has banned Chinese from logging onto the Internet. Chinese people are living in brainwashed lies. The movie "The Matrix" is the inspiration found in China. In China, the officials of the Communist Party Enjoy a luxurious life, while ordinary people live in poverty and fear.

  5. Between 1941 to 1945, the NRA got only $1.2 billion from lend lease while US was spending $70billion to $80 billion a year. The Axis was spending about less than half the allies).

  6. I believe General Chiang Kai Shek and General Wang Jing Wei were very able strategist.

    The KMT NRA had 80 division, almost 1.0 million man with German rifles, machine gun & cannon. The communistt was a nuisance with 40,000 troops. (There was another 2 or 3 milion from the Fentai, Zhilli, and other factions. Armed with Japanese rifles, machine gun and cannon).

    While Japanese imperial army had 10x more tanks, long range artillery, fighters, bomber, battleship, submarines. It is unwise to battle in certain locations like prairie in Manchuria or corn fields in Northern plains.

    So General Chiang play give up land to buy time. General Wang play the game of administrating occupied China when the IJA were overstretched with US and European colonial armies. That tied down 50% of regular armies (and a lull in the China front 1941 to 1944 till the suicidal ICHIGO to have a resupply route to IndoChina).

    KMT fought without the financing cities in Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai, and critically the core Guangdong & Hong Kong.

    There is a lot of confusion due to Propaganda vs simple Strategies. There NRA had to commit some NRA core units to protect Beijing, Shanghai.

    That's why the Manchu Fengtai and Beiyang Zhilli were complaining and their partisans that lost most men in battle or in sabotage.

    The NRA shows it's mettle and killed huge number IJA in Wuhan, Changsha and Guangxi.


  7. 50:04
    The other rumor about Dai Li's death/assassination was hinted towards the OSS and the US secret service operations in China due to the plane involved in the death of Dai Li was an American plane under American operation.

  8. China was able to beat all western power. The day China have rebron they have lost all the war with China. Modern day China u think u can come close to China shores try it.

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