May 14, 2021


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China’s Stealth Control Over Social Justice Movements

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29 thoughts on “China’s Stealth Control Over Social Justice Movements

  1. Everything is complicated and not always straightforward.  Many organizations are paid controlled by CCP something to think about as well as to what is happening in the Western countries, many falling for it and media promoting it.  Food for thought.  Interesting interview and views, more at stake than citizens realize.  People are being used as puppets for the bigger plan coming.

  2. Political System is set up to ensure race baiting/Gender bending/Colour/ Occupation/Diet/Political Etc Tis tending to the “CASTE system of the Middle East/China and Now into Western Despot Groups! Huh! Oh and “It’s” just warming up Huh!

  3. The interviewer had long winded questions. Interviewee has lost touch with reality. Interesting hearing those who benefit from White supremacy minimizing the urgency those oppressed by it feel the need to eradicate it.

  4. Ms Pluckrose, I used to have great regard for your work. NO LONGER! You implied Americans cannot love their country with all their hearts and souls because of our history of slavery. Does that mean you do not love your country with all your heart and soul because of your past slavery sins? And to be a Biden supporter simply means you support totalitarianism, no human rights and the CCP taking over the world. That makes you idiotic, not smart. Your EQ, sadly, is far less than your IQ.

  5. Biden, eulogized Robert Bird, this lady is completely disconnected from reality. I do not have a problem with non-Americans criticizing us, it is their right. However non-Americans have no context, you cannot understand our country not having lived the American experience. It cannot be explained you have to live the American experience, it doesn't come from TV, the news, books etc. I do take exception to Euro's telling us how we should behave, live etc. We have been and continue to be the most generous, caring, and decent people in written history. All while living under the blanket of freedom in which my grandparents provided, and which we as Americans continue to provide. Criitisize if you will, but fix the problems in your backyard before you pretend to understand us and tell us how to live.

  6. Eleven minutes in and its clear he doesn't see outside of the political box he's allowed himself to get sucked into. I'm not going to waste any more time to see if he can really engage with the ideas and issues she's talking about.

  7. I know the essential difference between Trump and the Left as does General Spalding. I also hold the same values about individualism that are held by him and Helen. The reason why Helen would vote for Biden is because she doesn’t realize or recognize the Biden’s Leftist campaign uses the guise of the misnamed “Democratic Party” to fool well-meaning people like her think the Left is actually for individuals when it is clearly not. The Left is based on using the interests of the Collective or Commune (hence Communism) to justify its narrative and goals. It also justifies the use of elitist leaders who are given more freedom, power and privilege than the Collective. Helen is foolishly supporting political forces that are wholely against individualism or personal freedoms. Fascism and Communism are the same thing, it’s about the authorities controlling everything in society, centralized control. If you don’t believe me think about what Hitler and the Nazis did. They were clearly fascists and they did the same thing Stalin and the USSR did. Now look at how Trump has deregulated the workings of the US society and given power back to individuals. Trump is also following the constitution rather than making up new laws like activist Leftist judges or telling you how you should live and that you will own nothing in 2030 like Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum.

  8. This all comes down to whether or not the sheep believe the narrative the elite are funneling to the American citizens. If one has common sense you will see that 99.9 nothing is true. So whatever to Helen Pluckrose

  9. I appreciate what she's saying for the the most part, succinct and well thought out. It's her application of the 'evidence ' that's bemusing to me though

    Would've liked some more detail on her thought process because yes, her fighting the 'extremes' as it were on the left is valid points, as should the right. But her vote for Biden (which I'm sure by now most people have a bet its just a lay-up for Harris to step forward) seems a bit out of touch.

    Pretty much whatever one could say about Trump from being a sexist/racist of whatever is multiplied on Bidens side. The main differnece is tha that the majority of it has been hidden away or not pressed on… like how he spoke to the black leaders just a couple weeks ago. If that was Trump and Pense next to each other, much of mainstreem media would STILL be shouting about it… possibly even crying

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