46 thoughts on “China’s Unrestricted Warfare Could Lead to Collapse in One Year”
  1. The fall of the CCP may or may not come from an populist uprising. Their demise will most probably come from their economy crashing. I believe it will happen soon.

  2. If you vote for Joe Biden, China will be running the USA and Asia-Pacific. Biden is so weak on China that $1.5 billion from China to Hunter Biden needs payback. China will want the return on that $1.5billion from Biden’s family. 😱

  3. I salute you Mr. Joshua Phillip for being so articulate in delivering your answer during that interview. You're one in a million. Keep it up Sir Joshua I'm your number one fan. God bless and good luck on your dedicated profession…

  4. I agree with Joshua Phillips ….China or rather CCP will collapse in less than year…..I believe that key CCP members would vanish out of China leaving Chinese citizens to fend for themselves….the era of China is over

  5. Using the "unrestricted warfare" book to accuse China is similar to using the book "elders of Zions" to accuse the Jews.
    It is so fascinating that so many high us officials are using the same narrative as those (Nazis) who use "the elders of Zions" to accuse the Jews.

  6. God is intervening now! He wants to be able to reach more people and can't because of the current government! If they are in God's way he will roll them down! Most of the time how he dose that is use different people!

  7. If, come yearend 2021, the CCP is still ruling China with an iron hand, and persists in trying to bend foreign institutions to its will, then Philipp's prediction that the CCP will be gone within a year, will look pretty foolish.

  8. Blame Kissinger and the Western greedy traitors that allowed this communist parasite to become so large and powerful. The whole premise of Globalism and Globalist firms is to take over and monopolise worlds resources. China is their factory and bully boy! China is a cancer to humanity and the only thing that will stop them is a Kinetic war. No amount of diplomacy will work as the CCP is a criminal organisation and they laugh at the west and its "legal" & trade practices. China does not recognise fairness as part of their culture. The only way to stand up to a bully is to give it a bloody nose and loose face! The "white man" will never understand Communist Chinese culture. I worked in China and they are egotistical, arrogant and racists, who believe their race is superior to others. Look at what they are doing to Asia and other races and now infiltrating western culture through buying up influence and spreading socialism. China is the 21stC Nazi party! CCP need to be classified as a Terrorist organisation and their assets frozon including those of CCP family members who are in the west, hoarding stolen money.

  9. cant blame china….blame everyone for making china rich..close home company and open there in china..now with money…they got greed n power…..by the time move…chinese copy already…..and bought alot of resources in other country for 99 year lease with u.s dollars….they know they might sanction of bank money freeze….glade world beggining to wake up….but by the time at least one of our family members of friend died or divorce because of this virus…..

  10. I'm making this comment on 7-26-2020 . With the 3 Gorges Dam very possibly failing adding yet another Catastrophy for the CCP that could possibly be the last straw for the Chinese People and they are not going to take it anymore . Since this video was posted in the middle of May so much has happened that I think shows Joshua is right on this and am praying for the collapse of the CCP's decades long reign of terror comes to an end . Peace !

  11. Epoch times/Epic Times is a far Rtwing news media paid for by Anti-Chinese 'Gong' groups from China. They are a proTrump group who spread conspiracies. This fellow is the Dinesh De'Souza of Epoch Times (but they pronounce as Epic Times because Epoch is owned by Epic Times). Of course you have Bet-David promoting this shit.

  12. Why can we americans just leave cpc alone, let cpc take care of 1.4B chinese citizen who have a high approval rating of their government. If the chinese wish to eat bats or dogs, let them eat them. I wonder if Patrick believes in all of JP narratives. Or if JP is concerned WSJ Khasoggi went missing? Or thousands syrians libyans venezuelans suffering because of our government. Can we just mind our own business?


  14. hmmm…the destruction of china has been on the books since the end of the second world war. 70 years.once every couple years it is taken off the shelf, given an update.
    when they destroy china, they wipe hundreds of trillions of dollars of wealth off the board. competing wealth. they ( first among world citizens ) will still have their wealth intact, to manufacture next door labor, or using advanced robotics closer to home, with freindlier nations, and continue to make money hand over fist.
    decouple. tarrif and trade conflict. embargoes leading to military blockades. what are they going to do without greenbacks, without anything to export with lack of the raw materials from import. what are they going to do without us?
    china stands alone. against the world.

  15. The global expansionism infiltration network of the CCP will not collapse within a year. There is more than a propaganda battle going on. Positioning is happening as we speak with alliances and military resources in preparation for a bully on bully fight between US and China, with US having the stronger moral and diversified foundations which have the favor over the rise of Chinas power and tactics. It's to be determined based on China's responses to sanctions and military positioning, waking the sleeping giants aka the US with alliances and military. If China passifies their enemies with a pivot away from their bullying tactics and exports their "re-education" camps for example, this will subside the attention while they can fortify their strengths and alliances themselves (i.e. russia, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, etc). The timeline will be unveiled in 2 to 4 years (US elections, vaccines, sanctions, investigations. Lawsuits, rulings and reactions, revolts vs reinforcements of suppression, international leveraging vs decoupling leading to transitions for more self reliance around the world and between alliances).

    If however, they make the mistake of entering into military warfare in the south china sea, then this timeline will be shortened. The US and allies are currently ramping up military resources of large forces in the South China Sea right now in anticipation of chance of conflict. Sometime in the 2021 calendar year, watch for the economic collapse possibility which is why election security of the US is going to be the primary target to remove Trump as the most viable and cost effective strategy for China's immediate economic future and prevention of a collapse. Regardless of which US president, their goal for global dominance will remain in place until the revolt internally is able to dethrone the CCP mafia style leadership. India will be the number 1 ally in the process for the US if it's going to be successful because of population and demographics you stated. China will remain the population center of the world until we get close to 2050 which will then be India and towards 2100 will be north Africa. This is also why their debt traps have target end dates for 2100. If you want further explanation, please feel free to reach out.

  16. From what I've seen in the news etc. Even the Chinese people are sick and tired of dealing with the CCP. I'd look for the people to revolt in mass, regardless of the consequence, "give them liberty or give them death." "When people have nothing to lose, they lost it". by Gerald Celente.

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