32 thoughts on “Chinese Doctor on how to stay safe”
  1. 12 years as a doctor? so she's basically a doctor when she's 18 without college, med school residency etc.The number doesn't add up if she's the real doctor she claimed to be.

  2. Hey Sasha , Did you get a gun? Vitamin D-3 !0,000.00 iu then take Lypo-Sphertic Vitamin C which is a oil base and a little Zinc. Thanks for the great advice, especially about taking care of the clothes.

  3. Very good info! I have Covid 19 right now in my second week of strong symptoms. I am in good health so I have no respiratory symptoms yet. But the body ache, intestinal discomfort, sore throat and really tired. I am a former military planner and now having this and experiencing the waves of impact. I am pretty good like I recovered then hit hard again some hours later with fever and all of it. This is how bio weapons are designed to be most effective. Getting personnel into the field then they become incapacitated OI. Now I have it let me tell you this is a bio weapon. Follow this Doctors instructions. Go about your life but do these things. Good luck!

  4. Remember that staying nice and sterile will ensure the gentle erosion of your immune function so when you will, and you will, get sick you'll be hammered like nothing you can imagine.

  5. I love when You make a wideo with the most beautiful Doctor on American soil.
    Bless you both bother CMilk and Vivi stay safe and show up in Florida for a working vacation

  6. Hell..
    I take off everything from outside even underwear and replace with indoor house clothing. Then wash hands at least 10 min with water and soap up to elbows almost like doctors and ill try to sir dry or with towel.
    If i am in and out of house, i don't sit down just do what i have to do after i wash my hands but i don't change outside clothing but i make sure i don't bump into anything. I lysol everything, light switch, door handles, sink knobs, phones, windows (if touched).

  7. Thank-you Sasha and Winston.
    May I please add, men may want to shave their hair, and wear a cap or hat, and women with long hair, tie it up.
    I shaved my head 2 weeks ago for the first time, as I knew it would be difficult to get a barber 💈 cut. $20 trimmer from amazon, and I did it like they shave the heads of military recruits… pretty fun.

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