March 5, 2021


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Chinese pilots training at former Canadian military base in Alberta

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50 thoughts on “Chinese pilots training at former Canadian military base in Alberta

  1. Tuition for the Airline Pilot Flight Operations program is $51,992 plus $1,400 for books and supply costs. All fees include your flying.
    * fees are in USD$
    Tuition for both the Aviation Operations and Aviation Safety programs are $15,213 plus $1,550 for books and supply costs.

    You do not have to write the TOEFL examination when applying to the Flight Program.

    per year
    one "year" is TWO.. EIGHT MONTH terms

    it takes TWO "YEARS" = 32 months

  2. there ARE chinese national[s], elected as liberal mp's AND appointed to…TRUDEAU'S CABINET

    Mary Ng PC MP (born December 16, 1968) is a Hong Kong-born politician serving as Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade since 2018. A member of the Liberal Party of Canada, she has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for the riding of Markham—Thornhill since a by-election on April 3, 2017.

    Ng holds roles on Parliamentary Associations such as the Canada-China
    Legislative Association and the Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association

    From 2003 to 2006, Ng served as the Director of Policy to the Minister of Education
    From 2006 to 2008 and then again from 2011 to 2015, Ng served in the President's Office at Ryerson

    was elected in…2017…less than FIVE MONTHS LATER..she IS a cab min???

  3. Don't judge the strength of Canada based on it's military we have millions of highly skilled men and women with the strongest hearts in the world who will not be pushed into a corner and we will stand together when the time comes

  4. Do you really think training airplane pilots on 40-50 year old aircraft in springbrook is something new? you need to leave the house more often and get with the times! This is propaganda bs.

  5. I'm so ashamed to be a Canadian, my country is under foreign control and martial law in an unconventional global war orchestrated by CCP controlled NGO's that corrupt Canadian politicians have seized onto to enrich themselves and in so doing, destroy our country, euthanize our parents and psychologically scar an entire generation of young people whilst the legislatures, the courts, the police, justice system and army do nothing, so it appears all of the lives lost in WW1 & WW2 were truly wasted because today only a handful of Canadians will stand-up for and country and charter that no longer exist.

  6. It depressing that the penhold airbase once used to trained young air cadets in a number of form but pilot training was the highlight at this training centre I remember these buildings the mess hall even the hangers to a extent now the barracks that I used to sleep in now being used to house, feed, and train the enemy

  7. Easy there CNN. You think that maybe, just maybe a airliner flies different then a fighter jet. Get real. You should be more mad that you dollars are going to chinese training then Canadians. Or made the connection between Chinas influence. The rest is nonsense that is going to turn people off

  8. Because it helps our relationship with china duh. Stupid news who cares. They aren't military troops. Regardless the canadian generals aren't always 100 for what can help our relationship

  9. Looks like they are being trained by Montair Aviation out of Pitt Meadows BC.

    Montara Aviation specializes in training pilots for Civil Aviation Administration of China as a contract, as a small to medium sized cdn business.

    The housing is at CFB Penhold with flight training in Red Deer.

    Monteith Aviation is leasing out the barracks and facilities at CFB Penhold as part of their business.

    My question to Rebel News is they don't believe small business should not be doing this? Is there a reason Rebel News forget to mention CFB Penhold is now a cadet base and has no ties to DND? I am sure these were oversights in their reporting.

  10. Remember when people who claimed that the Global Elites were plotting to establish a New World Order and make a one-world government were called "crackpots"?

    Now, not so much.

  11. Trump signed an E.O on protecting the bulk power grid using Nikola tesla patents.
    Dec 21st is "the great solar flash"
    A 3000yr conjunction.
    Never fear the future.
    God wins.

    Think of the movie 2012, and how wars where used for logistics.
    There's no point if we are all dead.

    Op red October went live oct 1st 2019.
    Research also Op Defender 2020.

    1st arrest of cov was july 2019 at an Ottawa virolab.
    3 more arrests in December 2019 including a Harvard professor.

    There is no Vir us

  12. Mr Bexte, why are Chinese pilots training in Canada? There airforce does not have the same fighter jets as Canada or western allies? Certainly civil aviation training can be setup in China if it does not already exists. So, what would be the purpose for this training? My only deduction is that it must be related to the geographical location and familiarizing purposes. Is bringing all kinds of questions to mind, doesn’t it?

  13. Gotta hand it to the Chinese. They are building ports in the Caribbean and practicing attacking the US in Canada. Not sure what "friends" we have left. We should not have been part of the Globalist trend and taken care of ourselves not trusting anyone…

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