April 20, 2021


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Chris Vermeulen: Bull Flag Pattern in Gold & Silver Precursor to Price Gains Ahead

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40 thoughts on “Chris Vermeulen: Bull Flag Pattern in Gold & Silver Precursor to Price Gains Ahead

  1. Biden has not won. As far as Pfizer vaccine goes…if it has developed a vaccine so effective then why did Pfizer CEO sell off 62% of his shares on the news? Looks like a pump and dump to me.

  2. I voted for trump. I support trump over Biden. However, it’s getting clearer that Biden is going to be President. Whether there was cheating or not, the odds are so stacked against trump he likely will not be re-elected. I hope somehow that changes but I seriously doubt it.

  3. Trump will remain the President as Biden cheated and his treasonous allies will be caught and punished. COVID was a creation with a 99 % recovery rate , so Bill Gates rusty needles are not needed thank you .

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  5. New President??? Definitive leader? Check your ignorance at the door A Hole… talk about stuff you know. Not a single state has been certified… Democrats are being busted for ballot box stuffing … and only the lefty press has declared them the “winner”

  6. Love this channel/Patrick but folks, please pay attention. The MSM has no electoral power they have a lot of propaganda power. Corruption is massive and the MSM is the leading culprit, there will be jail time down the road. Biden is in contention for Prez, not Prez Elect.

  7. The "big piece of news" is a FALSE report. POTUS in 2021 will be Donald J. Trump. Our nation will only be "blessed" by our current POTUS. It will be very interesting to see how the market and PMs perform between now and end of January 2021.

  8. He thinks the election is over??? It hasn't even happened yet. Only the electoral college vote counts. Get a clue. Trumpy will still be pres in Jan and the blue cities will burn.

  9. Chris Vermeulen say about the election "we have a definitive answer". That is a moronic statement. This is the opposite of what is true. Just another BS person talking without any knowledge. Biden may win, Trump may win, I don't know. But to say its already done is showing his ignorance.

  10. Record cases of covid now, just like record number of dead people voted for Biden ———– "If you didnt vote for Joe, you aint dead" ———————— covid is a fraud, and the vaccine is for population control, because common cold didnt wipe out as many as the cabal had hoped, BUT it did slow the world economy down, as the target was China, with the rest of the world getting sucked up in the msm scare tactics

  11. I’m supposed to believe this guy knows something about Gold and Silver when he knows nothing about US politics but is talking about it like somehow he does. And then on top of that he doesn’t even realize that the virus was a hoax. Ridiculous!

  12. @1:08 – we do not have a new president!!! MEDIA DOES NOT DETERMINE PRESIDENTS!
    All the individual state have NOT certified their votes at all yet…. PLUS, we have lawsuits all over the place!
    TRUMP WINS 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Trump received 9 million more votes than last time.
    -Republicans kept the Senate.
    -Republicans gained 10 more seats in the house so far, still counting votes.
    ….And Trump "loses" 🤣🤣🤣

    The biggest truth bomb in the history of America is about to be unveiled!!!!

  13. The Republicans haven't conceded the election. And won't till the voter fraud is sorted out. The media can proclaim Biden as president-elect all they want, but till the election is truly resolved Trump is still the President of America.

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