April 20, 2021


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Chris Vermeulen: Expect a Record Amount of Silver Futures Contracts to be Delivered

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37 thoughts on “Chris Vermeulen: Expect a Record Amount of Silver Futures Contracts to be Delivered

  1. the only reason why silver collapsed was because the dealers stopped selling. There were tons of buyers but nothing to buy. When there is a silver and gold auction house that enables all physical sellers to sell directly to physical buyers that is when you will see the true price of silver and gold.

  2. I buy on SDBullion and the strange thing is the rounds are more expensive than some coins! It's due to demand and the rounds are in demand but don't overlook some coins to get a better deal.

  3. As I understand it, they can force "delivery" in USD equivalent, at the discretion of the exchange, at any time. Paper silver is stupid…it could go to zero and physical metals prices would probably go up from here

  4. Jeff Currie of Goldman clearly states: "The ETFs are the Shorts" — Translation "those running the ETFs are NOT wanting the Silver price to go up. The ETFs are the proxy by which the Big Guys keep the Silver price down. Bottom line do NOT buy SLV if you want Silver to rise. Check it out on Arcadia.. instead buy REAL silver or PSLV

  5. The instinct to gather for hard times has kicked in.
    Silver is the very measure of worth and is more attainable.
    The run will continue whether silver goes up or down. it will with me anyway.

  6. All the meme's did was light a match on everyone who is staring at inflation coming down the line. These physical holdings wont be traded back in as fast as a stock and its out of the market for awhile. Folks will continue to grind on the physical market for months as inflation scares continue.

  7. Paper goes to 20 18 13 9 zero
    Physical goes to 50 70 90 100.
    It’s at 40 for eagles right this minute.
    It’s the outcome of the paper scam.
    Once enough people (Reddit) become aware of the paper scam, it will fail.
    Just like they found the weakness of the GME stock.
    Company worth 2 bucks but they squeezed the naked shorts to 300+
    DFV made 20mil. (Maybe more)

  8. What if when ,after Perth mint ,reopens after a weekend. And governments seize all available silver including pslv “ for the benefit of the country “ . pays u the current spot price. And revalues silver at x amount relative to it current rarity and true value to crumbling dollar? Sound vaguely familiar?

  9. These gold and silver gurus jump on every penny increase and say that gold silver Platinum Palladium have skyrocketed skyrocketed every downturn in the ETF paper silver they claim is a short sell short sell bye-bye by every little thing every little thing that they can explode create hysteria create fear in order for you to buy and purchase there is no shortage there is supply line disruption that is not a shortage when the supply lines recover silver will be $8 an ounce do to deflationary impact and strength strength of the dollar interest rates 25% or more

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