April 20, 2021


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Chris Vermeulen: Silver's First Correction After Breakout Mirrors Gold's Run in 2020

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40 thoughts on “Chris Vermeulen: Silver's First Correction After Breakout Mirrors Gold's Run in 2020

  1. Even though the the metals are market manipulated. How long can they be doing that. With the dollar collapsing I don't believe they will be able to manipulate them longer eventually some has to give. I'm in with the precious metals..it's all a waiting game now

  2. Dollar will come back for a few month, push gold lower, that starts the sell autorally on gold and will end this midterm bear (correction) in late 2022, then continue to 2400 to 3888

  3. Patrick, it'd be great to have Chris back for more general TA, maybe on the Dollar and other currencies. Seems like a very balanced and sensible guy, so are you, which is why I like your channel. Cheers.

  4. I am a silver bull also. I believe that solar panels may have some impact, but for Chinese mines more than upon the open world market. Seven of the top solar panel manufacturers are Chinese. Two are Japanese, and one is located in the USA. China, being the 3rd largest silver producing country is the logical source of supply for the Chinese solar panel manufacturers. If not China supplying Chinese, then Australia. I suspect that the Argentine and other Latin American suppliers will be fairly cut-throat in their silver price selling as their economy worsens, or is threatened. None-the-less, yes, the market will have a trickle-down drying up. We will see how much. What I would like to see, is the silver industry cater to the financial industry. Create a market to become buyers of silver, and gold. It seems like the sleeping giant pension funds, industries, and hedge funds are waking up to obtain bitcoin. It is only a lack of silver industry salesmanship that has not lured them into precious metals. (Real, vaulted metals as opposed to derivatives.) Everybody is realizing that staying in paper money is loosing it's appeal. When will silver producers present viable plans to the financial industry?

  5. Why would the dollar bounce all the way up to $95?!? Technical analysis is fine, but I'd rather hear about the actual real-life factors that cause the movement. Technical analysis without this underlying discussion seems somewhat vacuous.

  6. If silver kept up with copper it should be 180.00 an ounce. That’s if it only kept up. If you’re new to stacking you have to thank the Cabal for these low prices.

  7. Just to bring some perspective to us gold nuts.
    Copper 1980 1.00 per pound
    Today copper 3.60 per pound 3.6x return

    Silver 1080 50.00 per ounce
    Today silver 25.00 per ounce 0.5x loss

    Gold 1980 850.00 per ounce
    Today gold 1840.00 per ounce 2.15x return.

    Things to make ya go hmmm JPHmmmmm.

  8. Someday. Technicals don't really matter much. TPTB will keep the suppression going as long as they can. Just buy on dips and put it away. PMs are wealth protection and insurance, not a trade.

  9. Silver is manipulated by JPM and the criminal bankers. Price has nothing to do with anything fundamental or any technical analysis BS. END THE FED. GOLD AND SILVER CONSTITUTIONAL MONEY.

  10. If 2020 disasters,virus,money printing,and unrest cant bring silver to $30 then i guess its gonna take a worldwide nuclear disasterπŸ˜πŸ˜†..then it wont even matter.

  11. Chris has good intentions, but his charts are always crazy bullish and haven't matched reality sadly. For whatever reasons Gold/Silver stocks just haven't matched even other commodities % wise relatively. Underperformed badly since the Summer imo.

  12. Chris Vermeulen and E B Tucker are really worth listening to, especially Chris, if I was a millionaire I would just hand it to him and become a billionaire! πŸ™‚

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