June 17, 2021


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City councillor pushing single-use plastic ban forgets PPE is single-use plastic

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28 thoughts on “City councillor pushing single-use plastic ban forgets PPE is single-use plastic

  1. I see many dirty masks thrown on the sidewalks every single day. I have seen people throw many plastic water bottles near the beach in Punta Cana, Domenica Republic and Varadero, Cuba.

  2. India and China have NO INTENTIONS ABOUT ANY OF THEIR ENVIRONMENTAL POLICIES. They have huge emissions and yet here in Canada where they ARE LOW we are supposed to lock down every 2 years?? Okay these Karen's need a biology lessen first. Then a lesson in human rights and fascist regimes. If they cant understand at that point, let them stay home for 2 weeks every 2 years. We WILL GO ON WITH OUR LIVES.

  3. Typical stuff. Must be Chinese. Chances are he drives a SUV or large car as well. Nothing really wrong with that other if preach "saving the planet". Nice guy ?. I will try tap my phone and see I get some syrup or just break it meaning I need a new phone making a sap.

  4. The inconvinent truth was completely wrong and nothing took place that they warned us from , The beaches in Florida are still there and Florida has had no beach loss !

  5. Isn't plastics part of garbage , Climate Change has nothing to do with garbage ? The Climate is always changing all you need to do is read the bible and you will see the planet is always changing !

  6. Treason does not prosper for if it did they dare not call it treason . These traitors are a terrible curse for a society to face but these parasites should be dealt with immediately.

  7. Earth has been cooling for several years now according to charts and is more likely cyclical than anything.
    Climate change is just a massive tax grab and one big lie like everything else the government gets their dirty paws on

  8. Menzie should find a self professed PC politician at the civic level and ask them their views on single use plastics being banned by the government. PC politicians have not missed a paycheck. Oops that is inconvenient. The last time the PCs had power federally, did they get canada out of all the UN global warming treaties or did they sign up canada for more of the same? Oops again. What is the Tool's view on this? Oops again. If changing the dictator in charge to a PC will not change anything, will Menzie point this out in his reporting of politicians that support the climate change agenda?

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