April 22, 2021


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Claire Lehmann: Facebook has made a bad miscalculation

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29 thoughts on “Claire Lehmann: Facebook has made a bad miscalculation

  1. The world would actually be better if you couldn't share news on social media. Beyond the short term, people would go back to looking at news on news sites and SOCIAL media would instead be used for social purposes.

  2. Here in New Zealand our largest paper and media organisations share content on facebook with there website page. I haven't herd of media outlets complaining they are able to share their brand for free

  3. Say what you want about Facebook, but do you want an internet where you have to pay for every link you share or publish on the web? It is the core of the internet that you can link to other sites.

  4. That is a beautiful saying "let a thousand flowers bloom" during the Chinese cultural revolution they opened up the government to criticism using the exact same saying. A year or two later they knew exactly who to go after.

  5. I wish Zuckerberg was so cool he would turn off Facebook completely for a day hahaha. Seems like the world is addicted to FB and now Australia wants to bill the dealer haha.

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