April 10, 2021


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Climate change realist Naomi Seibt: “Greta is stuck in a bubble” | Keean Bexte

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46 thoughts on “Climate change realist Naomi Seibt: “Greta is stuck in a bubble” | Keean Bexte

  1. At least Naomi is REAL and INTELLIGENT . . . unlike Greta who is a "mannequin" and can't think for herself (she only parrots what she is told to say)

  2. At last, someone to stand up to that Greta thing being used by adults.
    Prettier smarter and well spoken. Greta is scared of this much smarter opposition.

  3. Naomi, you are a very well spoken, mature, and smart young lady. I would love to see you and Greta at the same table for an interview. I feel sorry for Greta because her ideas are narrated by her parents and being praised by the left. Greta is incapable of having an “open mind” because she doesn’t have a mind of her own, therefore, you are absolutely correct by stating, “she lives in a bubble.” You, on the other hand, have a brilliant grasp on your beliefs and your beliefs are actually plausible. Hugs and respect to you Naomi.

  4. What an amazing young lady. She hasn’t been brainwashed by the lame stream media and I think that is why they are afraid of her. She is young, articulate and uses her own mind to look at the big picture instead of just accepting everything the mainstream try’s each day to sell the world

  5. Du är en hypokrit de som är bakom dig dina makthavare kommer att kollapsa för något som du har ingen uppfattning.
    Det som händer i Amerika du borde försöka göra likadant i din lilla land din lilla dubbelmoral skojare

  6. Anti-Greta ?????
    I always thought competition was seen as a good thing. Greta is rarely correct and we need people to challenge her and set her straight

  7. Talking about science yes if you follow the birds follow the animals the where they go in they go North Pole and I go to South pole what's happening is our safco and North Pole as read rotate it it's in India so if you follow the animals you are nowhere are North Pole and ourself how is this member the guy is says the Earth was going underwater build a big boat put the animals on its cause the Earth has rotated every day it was an underwater was on the water so dismember that

  8. We don’t have much time left it’s too late to stop the destruction of the planet as we know it I’m just a multi builder what do I know 🥱 well I know we are not going to stop using cars trucks motorcycles ect till we use up all the fossil fuels and some countries are polluting and destroying the planet chopping down what little rain forests that are left basically we are simler to a parasite 🦠 there are far too many of us 🥱 we could stop the destruction of the planet as we know it but we would have to stop having so many children stop using cars trucks ect I could go on but what is the point as just those would never happen as it’s in our nature to be greedy …the younger generation want the latest phones pads trainers clothes and eat junk food so there is really no hope for us I could not get my tools to a job with out my car I suppose I could get work really close to me and get a horse and cart 🤔 …just look at this weekend everyone travels around a hundred miles just to get to the beach so I’m afraid we have no hope 😥

  9. It is interesting that Naomi was called anti-Semite. Does it remind you of something? Liberals call everyone, who does not agree with them, racist. Just to shut you down. What the hell is going on in the world? Are the communist Jews taking over already? I recommend watching “Europa the last battle” The true history of the world and “Out of Shadows” documentary on the truth about climate change.

  10. Greta has written a small book called "Nobody is too small to make a difference."
    Naomi is working on a bigger book, "A nobody: Too small to make a difference.

  11. i am no Greta fan. but this girl sounds as childish and irrelevant as Greta. just proves why children should be in school and no in the media being cruseders of anything really.

  12. This young realist needs more platforms to get her balanced point across on. She is at the moment being compared as the opposite of Greta, that's not the case , we've seen greta being used as a puppet and having double standards and scaremongerimg to get their views across , this girl brings balance and tells the truth. All greta and her dilusionists do is insult and attack people that don't have the same views as them.

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