Climate Just Happens & Is Not An Existential Threat

Glbl Warmg Trnds HC4 Thru June2020 080720

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The Trump administration remains steadfast in its reliance on the actual climate scientific evidence that refutes Biden’s hyperbole of climate doomsday and anti-science prophecies that plague the left-wing Democrats.

As the adjacent chart reveals, the empirical evidence is irrefutable: global warming trends indicate a ‘situation normal’ as the global climate continues to have spurts of accelerate warming and deceleration towards rapid cooling. 

In contrast to Trump, Biden – and his Democrat cult of doomsday soothsayers – completely mislead the public with claims of global devastation within the next 9 to 12 years from civilization’s continuing fossil fuel emissions due to  energy production.

Climate doomsday is not an empirically-based claim but an irrational belief without data.

This charts plots the monthly observed warming/cooling trends – i.e. data – and the cumulative growth of the atmospheric CO2 levels (see green dots) since 1850.

Clearly, the scientific evidence indicates the following:

  • Prior to the 1950’s start of massive consumer/industrial fossil fuel CO2 emissions, global climate change warming/cooling took place over the short-term with great frequency and intensity.
  • After 1950, despite the massive emissions, the great frequency/intensity of climate change continued with similar short-term patterns.
  • Yet, neither period of large climate short-term swings resulted in longer-term significant climate change. The 120-month, 180-month, and the 240-month trends reveal a very insignificant and slow change up and down. Put in the context of the climate volatility of short-term periods, the long-term volatility borders on being exceptionally unnoticeable and boring.
  • And after NASA’s chief climate scientist claimed before Congress in 1988 that global temperatures would lead to tremendous climate destruction from CO2 emissions, the same climate change ups/downs simply continued as in the past (see 1988 arrow on chart) establishing that NASA “experts” were not so expert.
  • The incredible growth of human CO2 emissions are demonstrably shown to be unrelated to short-term climate swings of warming and cooling; and, if the emissions are truly impactful on long-term climate, it is an insignificant impact when compared to the natural ups/downs of climate change.
  • Most importantly, neither the short-term or long-term trends substantiate Biden’s belief that a climate doomsday tipping point is soon to happen and wreak havoc. Instead, what the data reveal is a climate that will naturally cycle through extreme points but returns to normal from the built-in negative feedback.

Just another case of those stubborn facts.

Additional temperature charts here, here and here.

Note: Plots and slope calculations done with Excel.  Sources: global HadCrut dataset and NOAA’s CO2 dataset

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