October 23, 2021


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Clown Planet News: Berlin Protest (I Mean Picnic) | carlvernon.com

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48 thoughts on “Clown Planet News: Berlin Protest (I Mean Picnic) | carlvernon.com

  1. There are " Gatherings" in Trafalger Square Tomorow 29 aug a 12 midday and also Sunday 30 aug Bristol and there are probably more , so watch your local press and there are more planned for the coming days/ weeks, see Facebook Lift the Lockdown for details.

  2. Hi Carl , In 1992 the UN / Old Man Bush got 179 Nations to sign up to Agenda 21 that was 28 years ago . This is a Global Plan . Also on Youtube it was said that a man wrote a book last year before this Plandemic saying what was going to happen . Copies of his book were sent to Trump plus others . It has all been planned , Lies , Deception , Murder , Robbery . No Democracy ! No Freedom ! You can get a list of which Nations signed up for this off of Youtube . I have a copy . All these Governments even the Vatican . When did the people vote for this ?? While they were messing about with Brexit distracting the people this was getting nearer and nearer and now they want to enforce it .

  3. Wish I could send this video to you directly. I wish people would wake up that this is all not about a virus but an economic collapse! If you are brave enough to look at this virus in a different light listen to this gentleman explain what can be happening to us all! The title doesn’t do this justice so put judgments aside until you watch the whole thing!


  4. A German friend told me there were 1.7 million protestors. We need more of this. The Canadian Propaganda Corporation (aka CBC) claims that we could be in for mask wearing for the next 2 years!! Bloody Hell!!

  5. nearly all government are in on a brainwashing scheme, to control the masses maintain their own and their friends wealth and power, they keep us poor and indebted basically like slaves.Notice how every government/country are run exactly the same…. Same style banking system, same style mainstream media, same style government with 2 main parties, same reaction to corona, same narrative being pushed by ALL governments, same style education system. Notice how over the past 50-100 years and to this day in each country it doesn't matter who the People have voted in, it all stays the same, nothing changes….. (Someone else pulling the strings maybe) Surley 1 country out of 200 odd would have chosen a different path over the last 100years but no they are all the same systems just different cultures and colours of skin and different languages. But we humans are all the same. Bare in mind governments locked down the world and made us wear masks to save lives right…. Why is it they dont disarm and defund all military in each country that would save lives ? Why is it there is over 800million starving people 800million thirsty people, homeless people, jobless people and other issues that the government are happy to continue and they dont shut down the world because of these issues ? Why not spend trillions solving these issues instead of going to war or to space (trillion dollar budgets globally) this would save lives but no they allow these things to continue…..

    Massive media coverage for the virus! No massive media world wide coverage for other issues mentioned above……

    Why is it governments can agree and cooperate on space programs and corona stuff through the WHO and UN and other things but cant cooperate for achieving world peace and eradicating simple issues that shouldn't exist in the first place. Starvation,thirst wars, homelessness….

    They say money doesn't grow on trees and thats right but instead it comes out of a printing press or a central bank computer, basically the same thing…. They call in quantitative easing, inflation basically. Notice how the world economy has been badly hit by the lockdown. Well if you did research you would know the economy was toast even before corona, there has been many financial crashes in the past(2008) (1929) just to name a few. If they the governments didnt have something to blame this crash on we the people would blame the governments and central banks (we should be blaming them) this corona give a great reason for the crash and a great reason to bring about a new system.

    Notice how because of Corona governments around the world have printed trillions in corona aid money out of nothing….. This old fiat based system is finished. How is it the stock market has fully recovered from the corona shock ? Even though so many places have shut down for good jobs lost GDP DOWN 30% in some countries….. the money they printed went into buying stocks(stock buy backs) amongst other things. They will introduce blockchain based central bank digital currencies (CBDC'S)

    Bill gates actually has a patent for a digital currencies that rewards people for "activity" could it track activity through a micro chip ? Who knows.

    China already has a CBDC, UK, USA and Italy are planing/trialing them as we speak!

    Other strange things include the UK government continually changing its mind. Or imposing late or stupid rules. Like wearing masks in July 3/4 months after the lockdown was introduced Surley these smart politicians would have suggested this earlier.

    Strange how the so called vaccine has been rushed and will probably be ready in record breaking time. Strange how the UK has a standard payment of £120,000 for medical damage caused by vaccines…. And the USA has paid out roughly $4billion for vaccine damage.

    Strange how you need a test to see if youve got the deadly virus.

    Strange how this deadly virus has SO MANY symptoms and some of these symptoms are the same as flu symptoms.

    Strange how 80% dont show symptoms…..

    Strange how pubs and restaurants dont require you to wear a mask but supermarket and banks you need one.

    Strange how cats can now get corona. Goats testing positive, fruits and god knows what else.

    Strange how the figures seem so dodgy.

    Strange how they always report deaths or total world wide infection since the outbreak but not the mortality rate or currently infected patients.

    Strange how all or most terrorism has disappeared recently.

    Strange how the media only want to scare and install fear into the masses.

    Go to this account.

    Ramola D Reports

    Go to a video titled newsbreak 81

    Go to the 4th minute mark in the video watch and listen for 60 seconds.

    It shows a document downloadable from the WHO website. Written by the WHO the UN and the GPMB (Global preparedness monitoring board)

    The document states and I quote.

    "progress indicators" to be achieved before September 2020.

    "The UN including the WHO conducts at least 2 system wide training and simulation exercises, including one covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen"

    196 countries agreed to this

    The report/document which states the above was released in September 2019.

    Strange how Coronavirus started just after this document was released.

    Why does this document from the WHO,UN,GPMB use such wording ?

    Strange how a tech nerd bill gates is suddenly a vaccine medical expert.

    Strange how BLM and beach visitors didnt cause a spike in cases. But get ready for the winter spike. Caused by….. Oh redesignation of flu to covid

    Strange how the government have introduced crazy rules, laws and fines. Some including them being able to remove infected people and children from their own homes.

    Why is it we locked down yet planes still came and went for weeks/months from all over the world.

    Why is it so many reality stars celebs and politician's all got corona but everyone here your average joe doesnt know anyone that knows anyone to have had it. Where did this virus even come from ? A lab in Wuhan or a bat ?

    Strange how YT bans anyone that questions the official narrative….. Or shadow bans comments… Why ban these people if what they say is rubbish and not true ?

    Strange how as a child we are told to behave and all this sort of thing but then when you get older you see the crazy naughty behaviour of world governments and others….

    Media sends the elites message to the masses and make sure we hear only what they want us to hear.

    I could go on forever. I will admit there are so many dots to connect or jigsaw pieces it can be hard to comprehend or see the full picture. But Surley you can all see regardless of corona real or not bat or lab, the world is messed up and is run by a bunch of heartless psychopaths. The world values war, destruction, drugs, money, power and other sh*t instead of love togetherness progression life and other things! Its not just a coincidence. If we put an old Grandma in charge of every country in the world, im sure all these grandma's could come to many agreements very quickly that would make the world a much much better safer happier fairer place for all! in no time at all. The world will not be destroyed by these people/government doing evil, but will be destroyed by those who watch them do evil and do nothing about it. Are we going to do nothing about the evil we see? Because its been going on for so long now!

    Humans have been brainwashed to believe Napoleon was right or believe that Hitler was right. They lie to us all the time and throughout history to start wars, 9/11, now lockdowns! Lies lies lies.

    If you are not careful the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people doing the oppressing. Basically a description of karens/sheep.

    All the war propaganda, screaming, lies and hatred comes from people who are not fighting the wars….. ? Why do world leaders send members of the public to fight wars ? Why doesnt trump and Xi Jinping fight it out instead ? 99% of the world just want a simple but peaceful life with shelter, food, family, job and other small necessities. But somehow the power we have given to the 1% means we can not have this life we wish for.

    Listen i know you all ask so whats the solution ? What should we do ? What can we do ? There is only one thing we can do! Protest in the millions if not billions !! For love, cooperation and the removal of the virus infecting world leaders/governments who have failed us! Peaceful protest ofocurse untill our Voices are heard if not violence it will have to be but with billions on our side the violence shouldn't last long. Overthrow the governments of the word find out the TRUTH of this world and humanity and of the eiltes plans, trial them imprison them kill some of them! Get rid of banks! The media! Fake money and much much more. Start a fresh new slate ! Rebuild grow and change as one!

    Value love, kindness, empathy, understanding, tolerance, freedom and value what is RIGHT! Not what is WRONG! It wont be easy. But to achieve what we can/what we want/what is RIGHT is never easy! Staying as we are allowing this to unfold will leave us in a much worse situation or our offspring in an even worse situation compared with the situation we would face when trying to change the world. Besides the results of the change will be worth it! What can you achieve on your own ? Only so much how about 8 billion of us ? Keep doing what we've been doing and we will get the same results! Imagine even 1 million people from every major city in the world went and protested on a specific date and time! They would have to listen. They know we are to many 8billion. They know the outcome if they dont listen(overthrown)

    We have more power then them but we choose not to use it.

    Get the masses brains thinking.We want peace no more war. We want truths no more lies. We want love no more hate

  6. You know they are gonna lockdown again right? First London, then other cities. Melbourne Australia is locked down again. They are amping up the pressure to do it in the states. The bankers, IMF WEF UN yada yada… want global economic destruction to bring in the new digital and trackable global currency . And more. We. Are. So. Screwed. Why won’t people wtf up?

  7. Here in Ireland, our pubs are still closed – people are losing money and nobody is doing anything about it. Our towns are totally dead and everything is just playing along with it. I wish we would kick it up a gear, but everyone I speak to just wants to obey the orders. Our restaurants now have to close by 11pm from this month as well. A new curfew for no reason at all. Well done to Berlin and what they are doing as Ireland really needs a wake up call..I hope it happens soon

  8. They are not ‘protesting’ ; they are simply going for a walk , with pals in the sunshine.. that’s what I see, anyway.. and, making NEW pals along the way- perfectly legit ☺️?? GO Humans!?

  9. Sorry to say the English have been dum down for years to the point now most can't think for themselves and need to have their arse wiped by the government.. i can't really tell who did win the war ??????

  10. I know where the 77th brigade are hiding, a man called Dr John Campbell keeps putting out covid videos with all the so called death rates. There is a lot of comments praising him on his work. So I started insulting them all last week and on a regular basis. I've not had one come back at me yet, I don't think these people exist.

  11. Ive noticed that if your opinion doesn't fit with their lies in msm, then your a leprosy ridden theorist.
    The fear in people's eyes ?
    Some medics saying its just another case of the flu,
    Others saying its deadly.
    Masks are good or not.
    I say follow Sweden!!
    ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Germany learned the hard way as to what dictatorship can do to innocent people. I hope you are well and keep on at the government.. Stop the madness, save our jobs, and live free.

  12. It’s so hard to find out about these protests they’re trying to suppress it like they do with any news of kicking back. It’s not that we won’t protest here it’s we’re shit at organising them, getting the word out. Twice I read about protests in the UK after they’d been held and if I’d only fucking known! It’s finding shit out that’s so damn difficult now, I’m increasingly relying on links to info because when I try research myself it’s trying to get past the bombardment of MSM bullshit to get to the real facts that’s getting harder. It’s been a learning process but I’m not learning fast enough. I’m not on social media so how do I find out if/when there’s protests in an area I can get to? Any help, information etc will be most appreciated.

  13. If anybody is Liverpool / London / Leeds / Cardiff / Manchester based … Saturday 8th August 2pm – protesting for our rights and freedoms.
    Please follow Save Our Rights UK page / group on facebook to keep upto date.

    There are other locations doing this across the UK, just can't remember them all off the top of my head! Follow SOR UK !

  14. I've noticed that the "people" which are running this show/matinee/pantomime seem to want our permission to do things e.g lock down imposed After crisis level reduced and face coverings implemented After what would be classed as "way passed the curve" has passed, in essence, these things we've done under our own volition.. So I've written an ode, so that these entities get the message and pouff off.

    The monsters knew their time was through, as the dancers danced.
    Each time the music stopped.
    The monsters went pouff. Ha haaa

    They'd grown and grew, but still they knew their reign was but a cough,
    cause as the music stopped,
    the monsters went pouff.

    La lala La lala Ha ha haaa!

    They'd tried to chance the merry dance, but people said F*ck Off.
    You can't fool us, we've had enough.
    The monsters went pouff. Ha haaa

    The trance was short, celebs were bought, but non could pull it off.
    No loyal fans could stomach their plans.
    The monsters went pouff.

    La lala La lala Ha ha haaa!

    Near end of days, they'd plied their trade. The governments were lost.
    The people danced. We won our stance.
    The monsters went pouff. Ha haaa.

    So through the night we meditate, we celebrate again.
    Then looking up at morning light, the monsters had lost their reign.
    The monsters had lost their might
    The monsters had lost the fight.

    La lala La lala Ha ha haaa!

    It's not copywrited.. Feel free to share, as if it were your own!
    Ta Ta.

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