April 20, 2021


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48 thoughts on “CNN Laughs It Up

  1. I wouldn’t mind watching Don Lemons show one evening and seeing Trump show up while he is ranting the usual, hateful anti -Trump propaganda..Lemon begins to tremble as his lips flutter “ “Mr, President no one is allowed on the set without a pass”.
    Trump: “Where is your bed buddy, Fredo”?!
    Fredo: I’m right here mr President , you shouldn’t be here .. you’re on dangerous ground.
    Trump: This ‘ll be quick. ( pulls out a taser and little can of mace).
    “No , You’re On the ground, twerps”!
    Proceeds to taze Fredo and blasts Lemon in the face w/ about 2/3 of the small can of mace , and the two “journalists” both fall to the ground about 7 feet apart. Lemon struggles to crawl over to Fredo and gets to his traumatized colleague just as President Trump is leaving the room. They are both lying there twitching and in tears. Fredo asks Lemon,,
    “Are You Okay”? After a brief instant of uncomfortable silence, Lemon quickly
    reaches over and gives Cuomo a big hug . Fredo responds likewise, as they both scream at the cameraman telling him to “turn off the damn camera.. and just take the rest of the night off”. And so the cameraman splits.
    But he leaves the camera ON and the video footage of Lemon and Fredo lying there , embraced, crying, then laughing… and .. well, What happens next becomes a viral leaked video which Results in an ongoing sex scandal that gets Colonic Noise Network shut down for good. Devious fans and non fans of the duo begin to call the leaked videotape:
    HOLE LOTTA LUBE featuring
    Lemon and Fredo Live At CNN News studio : the official bootleg.
    Rated Xxx [x]tremely subversive and may be too depraved for some degenerates. Viewer discretion IS ill- advised.

  2. Lemon laughs like a girl… "oh, wait, hold on." I think he rehearsed the laugh like an actor rehearses lines. They know what will be said in advance. CNN FAKE NEWS!!!

  3. If the only way the left wing idiots can blast the Republicans, is by coming up with some lame brain irrational political party prejudiced comeback, then they not only need a brain transplan, they need a conscience which is something they've never had.

  4. Winning?? Winning?? You fucking assholes!! CNN and dems… You're really that pathetic?! Winning?? The country is becoming more divided than ever and we are winning?!? Holy shit, they really are that pathetically narcissistic that unifying the country, keeping it safe, prosperous, and healthy in so many ways would be considered losing?!?

  5. That is very typical of democrats. They call us name, say we are ignorant and stupid etc. I argue with them you tube all the time and that is what they resort too. name calling. God help us if a democrat gets in as president.

  6. seeing these two parties claw and teeth each other is so damn funny. Especially the DEM'S …OMG THE DEM'S!! where did they find these morons!!! They remind me of children so bad!!! lmao

  7. Yeah, lemon for brains was laughing at the words of a joke he did not “fully catch”. Huh??? How does one do that: “Hey, I did not catch that, but I am laughing anyway…”

  8. The bearded guy is like one of those class clowns who gets two girls giggling and then keeps on playing it up and trying to keep the giggles going with increasingly lame jokes.
    We don't even know if Lemonhead was laughing at the guy's joke about U-crane…he could have had some boyfriend off camera mouthing "neither can Fredo…." and making a dopey face…. I know how these things go, I was one of the two girls giggling madly in class while another boy sat behind me, cracking us up, while our English teacher thought we were laughing at his joke and was, thankfully, flattered.
    I apologize if I wrote this before, I am not sure if I saw this in full already. I know I saw part of it.

  9. Excellent! Mark? Keep up the Brian Stelter parody 🙂 Don Lemon(head) is a stupid S.O.B., a complete cretin, and it is high time this was emphasized. Well done!

  10. It’s funny. They hate on Fox News so much, but yet I rarely ever here them cite instances and disprove them as wrong. The side that has to censor their opponent usually is doing so because they expose their bad faith.

  11. "tRUmp COulDn'T fiNd UKrAiNe On A mAP……." but he's successfully done real estate AROUND THE WORLD for over 30 years, graduated at the top of his class, has a 150+ IQ, and is a certified CHESS MASTER! CNN cesspool of media lol I really like how they give Trump a "southern accent" , despite him being from NEWYORK his entire fucking life. Wow CNN, we here in the South really know what you think of us! VOTE TRUMP 2020 AND KEEP AMERICA GREAT AND TEXAS RED!

  12. who gives a fuck about where is a country that irradiated the entire world in 86?dominated by the bullshit soviets?the same with coronavirus!CHINA LIED TO US!FUCK COMMIES!CIAO!

  13. Can't stand fart boy. Honor the men, survivors and casualties, of the USS Liberty and I'll become a patreon. Tell the story Mark, I dare you. They deserve something.

  14. NPR should be de funded it's become a propaganda machine for the globalists agenda and the socialist. I hate that my federal tax dollars go to this prphmganded machine of the socialist movement as king George soras being an open society made be he the kingdom of neocons that want to make us soleant greens for them to feast on our poverty they cause and us.

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