April 20, 2021


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#CNNRAW 10-15-20

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44 thoughts on “#CNNRAW 10-15-20

  1. We all know that anyone with a sniffle gets a COVID positive diagnosis. Anyone dying in a car wreck, gets a COVID positive diagnosis. If these experts are so afraid of it, why are they all attending parties? Also if it’s so real, why are they politicizing the vaccine priority towards anyone except elderly? It’s fake, that’s why, just like CNN is fake.

  2. Hi there pls. analyse this intel.
    Don’t know if I get problems with sharing this data but as a human I think I need to do this. Merry Christmas from the Netherlands ❤️✌️

    Julian Assange warned the USA about a highly sensitive and unredacted internal leak. https://youtu.be/lfZQcV-frnY

    2009 – FBI 171 pages indictment, RAW data Assange talks about.

  3. They literally just sit around and make up “news.” I bet they research no further than a google search the night before then spin it to blame Trump. Idiots, all of them.

  4. Interesting that towards the end of the call the guy mentions a large protest planned in response to a police shooting but oddly no handwringing or politicizing it as being a potential covid super spreader event.
    But ughhh um uh aren't uh african uhh-mericans umm a vulnerable ughh community? Thoughts?

    It's almost like covid is just the stick they use to strike you down with whenever you do something they don't like.

  5. Thank you Trump for warp speed vaccine ..
    Yesterday Pence got " the jab" on live stream ..
    Leftist have said no way would there be a vaccine anytime soon.

  6. Uhm-Uhm- Zucker:
    "Other thoughts how we can frame shit?"
    Idiots, like Matthew:
    "Trump's rallies are Super- Spreader-Events, but the peaceful BLM protests are fine."

  7. 31:30 also stood out to me “Biden has $400M left and how will it be spent in the next 20 days?” That amount is also very similar to a questionable late October investment in Do…..n business. I think it’s a stretch to connect that as that investment had already connected in a $ trail investigation but I can’t help my questioning mind?!? Also, what happened to the recording after 30 minutes??

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