April 10, 2021


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46 thoughts on “#CNNRAW 11-17-20

  1. How can these lowlife so-called reporters win awards for anything. Project Veritas should win the prize, that’s true, honest, reporting. Revealing the ugly truth.

  2. They can thank google for those shinning digital numbers. Every 2nd or 3rd article in Google's feed, is a CNN article. Those #s they jack-off to, have ZERO to do w/ people actually choosing to log on, type in cnns website address because they are a trusted or reliable source. The fact that these class a idiots actually have no concept of reality is baffling! Oh and Zucker he was all in on the voter fraud 100% he knew the machines were rigged. He set it up! FYI

  3. Did you all hear that? She said that credit should go to the Trump Admin for Operation Warpspeed but really it was the Obama afmin that should get credit for that???? WTF these people are as ignorant as can get!

  4. Are there independent journalists there? Doesn't sound like there is room for journalists to cover stories freely. Its literally the media arm of the dnc/ military industrial complex.

  5. They won awards from the CCP! Damn! This keeps getting more and more telling. Looks like if we go to Georgia to make sure we get the recount, maybe we should visit CNN HQ as well.

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  7. 19:32 start listening. CNN admits election corruption exists. Zucker asks why it is taking NY so long to count votes. A man responds, admitting that the system is corrupt, but Democrats don’t care, because they never lose a vote. He says,
    “If anybody is looking to do that NY vote counting story, the New York Times did a great investigation of the board of elections, like a month ago, or two months ago because of the primary mess. That explains the whole thing; the history of it, what’s wrong with it, how corrupt it is, how broken it is, it’s just a mess. It’s like a huge nepotistic, organization where there’s no accountability, because the Democrats never lose a vote, so they don’t even give a s h i t about getting things done. It’s a mess.” This is followed by an awkward silence, and then the rest of the people move on to talking about Brad Raffensperger, and never address anything the one man said, because it benefits Democrats.

  8. 🤣🤣AWRDS for WHAT?? FAKE NEWS and BIG LIES!!! CONGRATS on BEING SHOWN for WHAT YOU ARE!!! People have visited HOSPITALS and ya’ll are LYING about the #’s again!!!!!!

  9. Fake covid fear porn. Over 400,000 die every year from " medical mistakes" add in flu and that's almost 500,000/year way more than the the Fauci financed Wuhan bat bioweapon

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