April 10, 2021


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33 thoughts on “#CNNRAW 11-18-20

  1. 22:23 super important to kick them over the head with there's no fraud around the minion it's been disproven not exactly how it's been disproven or by whom but that it's been

  2. 2 mins in & LMAO!!! Way to go for being able to win the Spanish channels!!! Super duper job. Maybe Trump will send CNN a Thank You card. His Latino vote won him FL & increased his #s through the Spanish speaking communities. 👍way to go CNN

  3. THE NEWS being created by a bunch of clowns that hate America who get excited because they believe their boss remembers their names while he is actually playing Candy Crush in a hotel room.

  4. I am a dutchman.In Holland we have the same bias ""newschannels"" as the CNN.They called the NOS.These propaganda channels are truth killers.How is it possible that these criminals can still do what they do?How is it possible that so many modern people are completely deaf and blind to the truth?The influence these traitors have in concealing or distorting the truth is the greatest danger to humanity.Without the truth all is lost.Thank you Project Veritas for all the important work your doing.

  5. Umm……. Uhhhhh…….Uhhhh……..&…..Uhhhh. The only words he spoke that he didn’t sound like a complete idiot. Their lack of self-awareness in describing what they call insane, frightening or behavior damaging to the country in stopping things from getting done by Biden. All they did was subvert and commit acts of sedition for the last 4 yrs.

  6. I now know how the sausage is made;
    Daily, grind up a vat full of fear.
    Mince in misinformation.
    Add a pound of propaganda.
    Lace it with lies.
    Season liberally with suppression of the truth.
    Then encase the mixture in a heaping, helping of hatred for Trump, and the Republican Party.
    Twist into links, and it’s ready to put on sale for public consumption.
    Just remember, caveat emptor.
    Bon appetite!

  7. This only solidifies what we all have known and that is the fact that CNN is NOT NEWS. IT most definitely is a PROPAGANDA ARM of the Democrat Party.

  8. These mother Effere asking hypocrites saying what Trump is doing by contesting the election is absolutely wrong yeah well what did you do for the last five freaking years Oh my God I seriously can't handle it

  9. They are hypocrites they are liars they are fake they spread ignorance they are not journalist journalists they magically have amnesia well I would say their followers have amnesia but they are hypocrites because all of a sudden magically the last four to five years of all the b***** rhetoric and lies they were spreading is suddenly gone It's so disgusting

  10. I have such a hard freaking time listening to these recordings these people if you want to even call them people are so freaking disgusting I can't even handle it They make me so angry

  11. CNN= COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK. You seditious socialist treasonous people should stop with the suppression of the truth! When I was younger news reporting was FACTS not IDEOLOGY! What’s done in the darkness will come to light! Luke 12: 2-3

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