May 12, 2021


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38 thoughts on “#CNNRAW 11-24-20

  1. You might feel "a little ill" after taking the vaccine but it's normal 🙄😂 I had seen an article that literally stated "don't be alarmed if elderly people pass away after taking the vaccine" 😭😭😭

  2. the 17 to 21 year olds that still believe cnn will soon grow up, get careers, get married, have kids, and start watching Fox news to check on REAL issues that affect their income and family. So cnn is going to have to start showing news on disney jr if they expect anyone to believe them in 5 years

  3. That GSA report was already in the mix, what they got was what the President and his team wanted them to have. You have to be laughing historically at these hateful people. Also are these the same meetings that the fake lawyer started doing his business while watching who knows what in those meetings. I haven’t seen him since did he turn himself in as a swamp creature and go into witness protection since he couldn’t show his face again.

  4. I think we could get Jennifer away from the swamp scene, they totally brushed her off when she said what was Joey running on, Trump at least had a plan. She’s ready to flip. These are nasty people, I think I would spend lots of hours on helping these people make themselves look like the swamp creatures they are. Thanks for everything you and your team do for us.

  5. Funny how they NEVER EVER credit Trump for donating his entire salary as president…. But God sees everything… ☝️

  6. CNN is a PR manager of radical democrats, big tech, sillicon valley, CCP..omg! no more balanced news programming!! therefore, fake news already! they are compromised and they give lip service to the americans, and the world…sad!!

  7. They disrespected Ben Carson on this call! smh Ben Carson is a great man and patriot who was a good Cabinet member.

  8. First time on this series James. Having a hard time descerning if this organization is working for the best interest of foreign governments or the DNC. No surprise though given the funding of a company that consistently shows financial losses is made by hostile groups who pay from profits made ‘elsewhere’.

  9. 20:00 "we should really try to find out what Biden will actually do as president his first weeks since he basically ran on not being Trump." Great summary of how shitty you are at reporting and a glaring admission you played cover for Biden all year.

  10. This woman literally whining about first world problems like "my kid had to travel home from college". Wow, what a terrible privileged life you live. The horror.

  11. You know I used to think they do it on purpose, but now Im starting to think they actually belief the shit they spew, baseless claims of voter fraud, and how dare Laura Ingram tell us not to let people take our rights away?? Just a bunch of indoctrinated idiots in one network.

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