Well, that’s interesting. It has now gone around 2.5 months since Sweden decided to remove all restrictions. It was way back on the 9th of February when Sweden returned back to normal.

They were following in the footsteps of neighboring Denmark who had removed all restrictions just some days earlier, on the 1st of February in fact.

Not only Sweden and Denmark, but also Norway have removed all restrictions. All of Scandinavia is now restrictions free and life is back to normal. People have even been able to fly within Scandinavia without masks on Scandinavian airline companies for quite some time now.

Social distancing was removed. Everything is open. People were no longer required to use face masks. The use of covid passports were scrapped.

Remember when all the experts warned us that such actions would be really bad, risking massive increase in infections?

Well, we can now see what has happened since Sweden decided to remove all restrictions. As you can see, there was a seven day average covid infection of 21 360 on the 9th of February, the day Sweden removed all restrictions.

Fast forward to the 21st of April (the last date that Our World In Data has on statistics from Sweden), that number has plummeted to only 342.

Screenshot from Our World In Data.

So, Sweden went from 21 360 to only 342 seven day average confirmed covid infections. That is a drop of over 98%. Let’s think about that. Sweden removed all restrictions and after 2.5 months, new infections dropped by over 98%.

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Now what has caused this?

Could it be that there is less testing going on? Of course. If you look at the number of tests in Sweden, they are down by around 91% during the same time frame, see the chart below.

Screenshot from Our World In Data.

So the fact that covid infections are down are surely reflected in the fact that testing is down at the same time.

But the death rate is also down.

However, if you look at the covid deaths in Sweden, they have also plummeted during this time frame. The seven day average covid death rate in Sweden went down from 47 on the 9th of February, to 12 on the 21st of April. That’s down by 74% since all restrictions were removed.

Screenshot from Our World In Data.

So what does this tell us?

The good news is that the death rate is way down, and so are infections. Tests are also down. I think it is safe to assume that the rate of infection is down since the deaths are way down as well.

Sweden went back to life as normal, no use of any draconian covid passports and society did not collapse.

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