May 13, 2021


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Conservative Party shuns Rebel after friendly interview

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50 thoughts on “Conservative Party shuns Rebel after friendly interview

  1. No tool knows best to destroy this country just like liberal and NDP brace yourselves for a long 10 years ahead of us which such evil parties unless we go with people party Max Bernier

  2. The higher the rate of infections diseases, the higher probability of totalitarian political attitudes at the local level.”

    Seeing this play out first hand during Covid-19.

  3. The Liberals and the MSM Toronto Star are painting O'Toole today in their paper as a right wing Trump.. This is going to be the Liberals play plan for the upcoming election . That is the reason he is staying away from Rebel news because the Liberals will say Rebel news is far right wing and is going ban abortion and same sex marriages ect

    They did the same thing to Scheer calling him a bigot on same sex marriage

  4. The liberals of the world have taken such a strategic advantage with there control over the media that its going to be very hard for conservatives to get real news to the people.
    The teachers union and most of the teachers and professors have been working hard to brain wash the young to be all liberal socialist/globalist and to do away with any form of Canadian nationalism, hence why they are targeting Sir John Mcdonald. I have no doubt Trudeau will push for mail in voting in the next election. We will need more and more news agencies like rebel in order to keep getting real news out. The conservatives will need them in order to survive, especially with the cbc trying to stop them from taking office ever again.

  5. Ezra!! Do you not see whats happening in the USA. How many Republicans turned traitor? The snakes are in the conservatives here as well as there. What do you expect ???

  6. O'tool is clueless. He already doesn't have the conservative base voters scheer had he lost pretty much all conservative support since the last election. When the west needed consideration and support the cons turned their back on them and voted in a federalist east coast politician leading to all conservative support shrinking drastically. The cons will lose most their votes to the exit parties now

  7. Busy with what ? The second he was elected he pretty much went into hiding. He is a typical politician that hides from real questions. He is no better than Andrew Scheer.

  8. One only has to look at how the Conservative party handled the Jim Karahalios incident. An actual conservative party would have had enough integrity to not break its own rules. Canada needs an actual conservative party, not a liberal party hiding behind a conservative banner.

  9. Otoole wouldn’t agree to a video interview with Rebel News because he knew he would not be getting any softball questions . What an interesting concept a media outlet out for the concept of truth for the Canadian public not in securing their next meal ticket(CBC, CTV, GLOBAL) From Justin Trudeau . When I called the conservative Party of Canada to find out why the sudden disenchantment with Rebel News , their answer was as follows they are miffed at Rebel for using Erin Otoole’s name as the name in response to the email interview . The individual I talked to said the email interview was to be given with questions directed to the press correspondent of the Conservative party of Canada and not Erin Otoole .So basically it was a dishonest act on behalf of Rebel . I then asked him why would Rebel want to hear from the Conservative Party press correspondent without Erin Otoole? My take on this is the Conservative party caucus is not happy with some or all of the answers that Erin Otoole gave with the e Mail interview with Rebel News ! So now they are using the scape goat ideology that the answers were from the press correspondent and not Erin Otoole .

  10. liberal conservitive ndp it doesn't matter they are all on the same page, they have bought into the new reset which is just a new word for authoritarian communism.

  11. does Erin O'Toole have a clue? Let's look at the media.
    Will he get a fair reporting from,
    1. the CBC, nope
    2. the CTV, nope
    3. the Global, nope
    4. CityTV, nope
    5. TVO with Steve Paikin, nope
    6. Toronto Star, nope
    7. McLeans magazine, nope.
    8. Globe & Mail, nope.
    Erin O'Toole, you will not get fair reporting from liberal media because they hate your guts. They will edit anything you say and fit the words you offer for their making you look like an idiot.
    Ezra on the otherhand, might ask you some tough questions, but let's be fair, that's his job to sometimes ask questions. The Liberal Party mind you, buys favorable journalism to support the agendas of the Liberal Party. Why do you think the Liberal Party and Media is a Family Affair. The nepotism between the Liberal Party and the media is a whose who of whom sitting or gathering.
    Erin, if you are looking for love, its all in the wrong places….. You will never get "fair and balanced reporting" as Steve Paikin phrases his TVO schtick.
    Ezra is the ONLY media outlet which will give you a fair opportunity to tell your story. And you just peed on your Piper.
    You are losing friends fast Erin O'Toole if you think your liberal fair weather friends give a flying f%#k about you.

  12. It's amazing that only 20 percent of Canada's population can determine who leads us to the future. They use the word servant but only serve 20 percent of the population and themselves. So if 80 percent of Canadians are against immigration and globalism, the 1 out of 5 people get to decide that we do indeed move forward with immigration and globalism.. and when all parties have the same beliefs that we need immigration and globalism, then regardless of your vote, you get immigration and globalism. I only use those 2 as an example but its a complete fix against the true majority!

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