October 17, 2021


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Conservatives turf Yukon candidate for vaccine views

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20 thoughts on “Conservatives turf Yukon candidate for vaccine views

  1. The public health guidelines are exactly what I’m voting against, because our freedoms are worth more than a debt that’s going to turn this country into an imprisoned life style from the same tyrants in the first place it’s the least of the two evils

  2. Dominion Voting Systems is used by the Conservative Party of Canada in the leadership race. O'Toole is controlled-opposition whose tenure as party leader has been to purge the party of actual conservatives. He is not meant to win the election; Trudeau is going to be re-elected by millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots.

  3. Because of this decision and the dismissal of other members with similar views; I will no longer be supporting the Conservative Party.

  4. OTOOLE is totally clueless on this virius and the fradulent gene thearopy they are calling a vacine which it isn't which in now killing people by the thousand and more to come as the spike protein takes hold … this is Democide

  5. otool the tool, I am a conservative that will not vote conservative for the first time, ever. What a disappointment. otool the dictator, has fired 2 of his best candidates, what a tool.

  6. Seems very strange to me just how "hell" bent they are in getting whatever is in that thing into everyone one of us .what exactly is in it anyone ever ask for the ingredients ? Btw
    A terrorist is someone who unlawfully uses INTIMIDATION or violence in pursuit of political gain ……your fired
    Have a great day eh

  7. Yupp the NWO despots “BUGG” election! The Red Globalist Organize government Marxist Commies already own the out come! Hell lil Trudy’s puppet masters Gerald and whats’er name along with the UN controls ALL no matter who sits in the chairs! Tis truly a win for the “BUGG” huh!

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