April 20, 2021


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Coronavirus: Baba Ramdev Explains Ways To Control The Pandemic | ABP News

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Coronavirus: Baba Ramdev Explains Ways To Control The Pandemic | ABP News

Coronavirus has claimed as many as two lives in India and over 80 have tested positive for the pandemic across the country. Speaking to ABP News, Yog guru Baba Ramdev explained in detail, ways to take precaution against the pandemic. He explained the “Yogasans” that might increase a person’s immunity to combat the Coronavirus. He also contested the claims that consumption of alcohol kills the Coronavirus.

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49 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Baba Ramdev Explains Ways To Control The Pandemic | ABP News

  1. Alopathk or ayurved ki ladayi me dava Nahi aa rahi h agar dono mix hokr aa rahi h jo. Bina doctor ke sala se bhi khate h vo h prastomal to Kya hua. Please Kuch to kre………. Nam man gun dekho dava ke. Abgun h to MT do public ko…….

  2. Baba ke sab thik h usme Kuch glat Nahi h Bs yehi h na ki bukhar kese utr raha h vo Kya h isliye ayurved Nahi manrahe h na pr vo bhi isan ke hisab se thik h. Jo bhi h vo.

  3. Yeh ek tarike Ka scam hai …Baba ramdev jhooth pe India ko lutna Chahta hai ..socho ek kit 500 rs ki aur India ki population agar har ek Ghar se bhi ek kit kharidi jayegi kitnie crore ramdev kamyega jhooth pe shame

  4. बाबा जी जो दवायें बता रहे हैं अश्वगंधा, सतावर, सफेद मुसली ये सब sex power बढ़ाने वाली दवाएँ हैं। कोरोना से लड़ने वाली नहीं….
    बाबा सबको जानी सिन्स बना कर मानेगा

  5. Enough is enough…
    Is it Corona vaccine???
    What a advertisement
    We love abp news but today, the nation is very disappointed for this advertisement…
    uninstall abp news???

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