May 8, 2021


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47 thoughts on “Coronavirus: China May See a 2nd Wave of Infections

  1. There is so virus, and if there was WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WEARING A MASK, it shows your ignorance, viruses can not travel in the air they will die, they need living tissue to survive without it they die. The holes in your mask are the size of the Grand Canyon to a virus that will not help you

  2. You all are being fooled, you don’t think the Chinese know their reputation? Haha they will form a new group of loyal communist influencers and advocates and say oh they are censoring us listen to what I have to say and you’ll listen to it haha DO NOT EVERYTHING IS CENSORED AND PLOTTED AND PLANNED

  3. China is lying how many of China’s lies will you listen to before you understand China is a dictatorship a brutal dictatorship China is a threat to the world.
    Now read this over a few times till it sinks in.

  4. Ohhh Noo way“
    My God we are suffering enougth now hundreds of thousands dies stop talking this the 2nd out break „
    Are they crazy „?
    Are they Stil can live in this planets „?
    I think Noo /
    Enougth is enougth” damn

  5. China exported the CCP virus and now they don't allow anyone into their country by closing all the bordersHOW CRUEL
    china lost it's trust from the world and we can't beleive what the ccp says anymore

  6. 1st case Hubei Nov 2019. China states person transmission is "very low". 1,200 Chinese Doctors and Nurses getting sick Dec 2019. China states transmission is very low, Doctors and Nurses afraid of their governement by speaking out (one opthamologist did). January 2020 WHO stated Chinese CDC states transmission is "very low". After January 2020 all hell broke lose. Does China even have credibility.

  7. I really love this guy but wait all governments cover up when they get caught with their pandemic pants down…. The truth is government and pharmaceutical corps finance exploration into any and all viral potentials. Why is no one talking about this? Covering what part of this naked truth will save what peoples from where? That's right now you've got it it is your very own. Use it wisely now or like these viruses which time and again prove they are smarter than our very brightest and most educated stronger than our biggest bombs and can out live any political syndicate. You know what to do but start by standing up for your very own children as they are forced weaponized by lobby gang mandates buying their good beliefs with broken dead end fantasies and cheap pride slogans. Thank you Chris and China Uncensored you keep us believing. Light@Godspeed.YVO China Uncensored Coronavirus: China May See a 2nd Wave of Infections

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